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2017-06-27 GenScript Launches Custom Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Service
2017-03-24 GenScript Partners With iGEM to Expand Synthetic Biology Community in China
2016-10-07 GenScript Launches CHO-Based Glutamine Synthetase Bioproduction Cell Line Service
2016-09-20 GenScript Launches New CRISPR Synthetic RNA Service
2016-08-30 GenScript Announces Strategic Partnership With PharmaNest's Genesis Imaging Services (GIS) to Upgrade Its Fibrotic Disease Models Service
2016-08-04 GenScript Announces Winners of iGEM CRISPR/Cas9 Grant - First-ever offering of commercial gene editing tools to synthetic biology competition teams
2016-03-03 GenScript Launches Industry's First Commercial CRISPR Genome Editing Service for Yeast - Service to deliver precise custom edited yeast strains in as few as 5 weeks
2016-02-22 GenScript to Unveil New CRISPR Yeast Service at CRISPR Congress - Company to offer first CRISPR-based custom genome editing service for yeast strains
2016-01-14 GenScript Corporation Finishes Year with Successful Hong Kong IPO - Funds to Expand R&D, Services and Products, and Production
2012-03-30 A New Facility for the 10-Year Anniversary of GenScript
2007-09-12 A New Symbol for GenScript's Proven Service
2013-04-05 Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Threatens, GenScript Supports Researchers in Impending Battle with Rush Gene Service
2013-04-05 CelKine, a New Brand of GenScript, Focusing on Cytokine Research
2007-07-17 Chemical Protein Service Breaks Record for Protein Length
2011-05-01 Evozym Biologics to co-develop innovative enzymes with GenScript
2011-07-15 Faster Search Add-on from GenScript for Easier Access to the Largest Commercial ORF Clone Database
2007-07-16 GenScript Adds Large-Scale Sequencing Service to Gene Department
12-09-2008 GenScript Adds Stable Isotope Labeling and PEGylation Modifications to Its Synthetic Peptide Offerings
2012-12-11 GenScript Announces Collaboration with AMDeC: Seeks to Decrease Biological Research Costs at NYC Area Institutions
2013-01-15 GenScript announces joint road show with Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc.
2008-10-06 GenScript Antibody Service Guarantees ELISA Titer of 1:20000 and Positive Western Blot Results
2013-01-09 GenScript Applies Gene Synthesis Knowhow to Synthetic Library Services
2008-10-06 GenScript Centralizes BioProcess Services for Optimum Protein Expression
2013-01-09 GenScript Continues Deploying New Websites in Europe
2008-01-24 GenScript Corp Offers Additional Discounts to New Laboratories

GenScript Corp Offers Additional Discounts to New Laboratories

GenScript Corporation has Installed the First Biacore™ T200 Biosensor in the World

GenScript Established Biology Research Collaboration with Roche

GenScript Expands Genotyping Service

GenScript Expands its THE™ Elite Antibody Series

GenScript Extends Western Blot Guarantee on In-house Antibodies

GenScript Gave Presentation on FASEBA Technology at the 2nd Annual International Congress of Antibodies

GenScript Has Developed Antibodies Specific for Influenza A Virus Detection

GenScript Honored with the 2012 CRO Leadership Award

GenScript Initiated Up to 30% OFF Promotion Celebrating Peptide Facility Expansion

GenScript Initiates 24/5 Service to Customers Worldwide

GenScript Invented 7-minute eStain™ Protein Staining System

GenScript IP-Western Kit Eliminates Contamination

GenScript Joins New Jersey Pavilion at BIO 2007

GenScript Launched a 25% OFF Promotion for mAb Sequencing Service

GenScript Launched GLP-Grade Plasmid DNA Preparation Service

GenScript Launches 20% OFF Campaign Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Peptide Service

GenScript Launches 60-Day MonoExpress™ Monoclonal Antibody Service

GenScript launches a premier gene synthesis service "Gene-Brick" for building large DNA fragments

GenScript Launches a Series of Beta Amyloid Peptides Geared Toward Alzheimer's Disease Research

GenScript Launches a Series of Cosmetic Peptides

GenScript Launches Antibody Drug Development Services

GenScript Launches Antibody Sequencing Service Geared Toward Innovation

GenScript Launches BacuVance™ and YeastHIGH™ Recombinant Protein Production Technology

GenScript Launches Click Peptide Services

GenScript Launches CloneEZ™ Kit for Smooth Gene Cloning

GenScript Launches CloneReady™ Gene Collections

GenScript Launches Cosmetic Peptide Service; Large-scale and Economical Price to Attract Cosmetic Companies

GenScript Launches eBlot Protein Transfer System

GenScript Launches Endotoxin Quantification and Detection Kits

GenScript Launches Epitope Mapping Service

GenScript Launches eStain™ 2.0 Protein Staining System

GenScript Launches EzCoupon™ Program

GenScript Launches Fluorescent Western Blot Kits Based on the 2nd Generation One-Step Technology

GenScript Launches GenEZ Next-Generation Molecular Cloning Service

GenScript Launches GenPlus Next-Generation Gene Synthesis Technology, achieving monthly gene synthesis capacity of 100 Mbp.

GenScript Launches Guaranteed Gene-to-Protein Service Package Following the Technology Breakthrough from OptimumGene™ Gene Optimization

GenScript Launches Hybridoma Stabilization Service

GenScript Launches New PolyExpress Package

GenScript Launches New PROTential Package

GenScript Launches New Website in Germany

GenScript Launches Online Quotation System for Polyclonal Antibody Service

GenScript Launches Peptide Array Service

GenScript Launches Peptide Library Screening Tools For Peptide-Based Drug Discovery

GenScript Launches Ready-to-Use™ Frozen Cell Series

GenScript Launches Rush Gene Synthesis Service

GenScript Launches UPGRADED eStain 2.0 Protein Staining System

GenScript Licenses CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology from the Broad Institute

GenScript Named VWR Life Science Reagent Partner

GenScript Neurological Antibodies Aid Neuroscience Research

GenScript Offers 10% Discount on Mutagenesis Services

GenScript Offers Free Bio-reagent Sample Bundles

GenScript Phases In Next-Generation Western Kits

GenScript Raises $15M for Drug Discovery and Development Services Expansion-Kleiner Perkins Invests in Biotech Company business

GenScript Received OLAW (Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare) Approval for Animal Welfare Assurance

GenScript Recognized As Preferred Contract Supplier of Life Science Products by University of Pennsylvania

GenScript Rush Gene Synthesis Driving Molecular Biology Research Faster

GenScript Seeks Long-term Collaboration Opportunities By Offering Special Partnership Promotion For Gene Synthesis

GenScript Sponsors 12th Annual Healthcare Industry Forum

GenScript sponsors 2011 iGEM undergraduate Synthetic Biology competition

GenScript Sponsors and Presents Novel Technologies at 2012 Cold Spring Harbor Asia Synthetic Biology Symposium

GenScript Sponsors Fourth Annual Synthetic Biology Convention

GenScript Sponsors iGEM The Largest Competition in Synthetic Biology Field

GenScript to Attend 1st Annual International Congress of Antibodies

GenScript to Sponsor China 2009 Pharmaceutical R&D Summit

GenScript to Synthesize Yeast Genome with Johns Hopkins Scientists

GenScript Trims Total Knock-Out/Knock-In Time to Six Weeks

GenScript Upgrade Free Bioinformatics Tools

GenScript Upgrades OptimumGene™ Gene Design System

GenScript Upgrades Plasmid Preparation Service Concurrent with 25% Discount

GenScript Upgrades Plasmid Production Platform to Deliver Potent Plasmids

GenScript Virus Center Enters Third Year

GenScript Was the Most Frequently Referred biotech company by Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles in 2011

GenScript will launch services with GANP technology for World Wide market excluding Japan

GenScript's Presence in Japan Relocated from Osaka to Tokyo

GenScript Rush Gene Services Help Novavax Expedite 28-day Development of H7N9 Vaccine

Immunologix Teams with GenScript to Produce Human Antibody Therapeutics Ready for Clinical Trials

One-Step Multiplex Western Kit Doubles Blot Potential

One-Step Western Kit Cuts Analysis Time to One Hour

Phosphospecific Antibodies from GenScript

ProteinSignal -A Brand of GenScript Focusing on Protein Research

ProteinSignal, a New Brand of GenScript, Focus on Protein Research

Sales of GenScript's Anti-His Monoclonal Antibody Increase 600% in 2008

Synthetic DNA Deemed Patentable By US Supreme Court, Gene Synthesis and Codon Optimization Provide Potential Pathway to Patentability

THE Anti-His-Tag Monoclonal Antibody (mAb)