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  back to lab bundle Back to Lab Bundle New
Get Your Research Moving
10% off Genes, 30% off DNA Sequencing
  Referral Program Referral Program
Satisfied with GenScript's services and products? Refer a friend and receive a triple usage laser pen for free!
  Reagent Reserve Reagent Reserve
Turn your expiring grant money into a reserve for future success.
  Green Program Green Program
Order paperless, research for a green planet.
  New Swine Flu H1N1 Antibodies New Swine Flu H1N1 Antibodies
New Swine Flu H1N1 polyclonal antibodies launched for fast-track HIN1 research.
  Stem Cell Biology Products Stem Cell Biology Products
Elucidate the molecular coding of stem cell with GenScript's in-house developed bio-reagents.
  G-Rewards Center G-Rewards Center
Earn rewards with every purchase!
  Grand Promotion for Gene Synthesis Gene Synthesis Promotion
10% off for all gene synthesis orders!
  Peptide Promotion Peptide Services March Promotion
10% off for all peptide services orders!
  MonoExpress promotion MonoExpress™ Western Guaranteed Package Promotion
45 days for positive Western blot detection, starting from $3,800! (till 01/31/2014)
  Guaranteed Antibody Package Guaranteed Antibody Package
Guarantee 50mg antibody (mammalian expression) for only $8,499! (till 01/31/2014)
  Protein promotion BacPower™ Guaranteed Package Promotion
Guarantee 3 mg purified protein (bacterial expression system), starting from $2,200! (till 01/31/2014)
  Gene Special Partnership Promotion Special Partnership Promotion for Gene Synthesis
Benefit-sharing with long-term, valued clients and partners
  antibody sequencing service Promotional prices for antibody sequencing services start from only $1500
Provide the best quality and the most competitive prices at the same time!
  Mutagenesis Bundle Mutagenesis Bundle Surprise $149/mutation
$149/mutation from new mutagenesis/gene synthesis bundle package
  Free Sample Free Sample
See what's new in GenScript's popular picks.
  Peptide Promotion eStain® 2.0, buy 1 get 4!
60 free staining pads, total value of $180.
  Protein promotion ExpressPlus™ PAGE Gels Introductory Sale
Special introductory price! $68 per box on any concentration and well number.
  Mutagenesis Bundle 50% Off for THE™ PEG antibody
Superior antibody that accelerates PEGylated drug development.
  Protein promotion 70% Off for Green Taq
The environmentally friendly PCR enzyme for your success.
  40% Off For 40μg Antibodies 40% Off for 40μg Antibodies
All antibodies are thoroughly tested to ensure the highest level of purity and quality.

To promote scientific research and to show our appreciation, GenScript launched a free custom gene and peptide synthesis program in the summer of 2009. Through a nomination process, 10 customers were chosen as winners to receive the free service offer.

  The winners of the Free Gene Program are:

Dr. T. Cierpicki, University of Michigan;
Dr. S. Petit, University College London;
Dr. C. Hagemeyer, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute;
Dr. S. An, The Pennsylvania State University;
Dr. F. Ãâ€"berg, The University of Gothenburg
The winners of the Free Peptide Program are:

Dr. Miguel Morales, Department of Physiology at the Medical School, Universidad de Barcelona;
Dr. J. Luo, Institute for Systems Biology;
Dr. A. Bach, University of Copenhagen;
Dr. C. Simbulan-Rosenthal, Georgetown University;
Dr. B. Karanam, The Johns Hopkins University
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