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Promotions and Special Offers

Promotions and Special Offers

Product Promotions

50% Off For His Tagged Protein Purification   50% OFF Promotion

Offering 50% off for two kinds of Ni resin products.

Free Sample   Free Sample

See what's new in GenScript's popular picks.

40 ug size Promotion   40 ug Abs Mix & Match Promotion
For any 40ug antibody product priced at $99/vial promotion program


Service Promotions

Custom Ab Production Promo   Custom Ab Production Promo

Free Secondary Antibody with any PolyExpress™ Package.
Learn More »

Grand Promotion for Gene Synthesis   Gene Synthesis Promotion

Receive free express cloning on your first gene service order. Learn more »

Gene Special Partnership Promotion   Special Partnership Promotion for Gene Synthesis

Benefit-sharing with long-term, valued clients and partners

antibody sequencing service   Antibody sequencing services – promotional pricing starts at $1200

Over 1000 antibodies sequenced, with 100% success rate.

Peptide Synthesis Promotion   Peptide Synthesis Promotion

25% off online orders for standard peptides (sc1208)! Get an instant quote now.

Guaranteed custom peptide price match   Guaranteed custom peptide price match

Send us the competitor quote and we will match the lowest price!