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Promotions and Special Offers

Promotions and Special Offers

Product Promotions

ExpressPlus™ PAGE Gels Introductory Sale   ExpressPlus™ PAGE Gels
As low as $4 per Gel & Free Running Buffer

Free Sample   Free Sample
See what's new in GenScript's popular picks.
40 μg Antibody   40 μg Antibody
$40 for any 40 ug sized antibody.
Antibody Products Antibody Products
An exclusive offer for you..


Service Promotions

Grand Promotion for Gene Synthesis   Gene Synthesis Promotion
Online-only discounts! request an online quote today to lock-in an exclusive discount.

Gene Special Partnership Promotion   Special Partnership Promotion for Gene Synthesis
Benefit-sharing with long-term, valued clients and partners

antibody sequencing service   Antibody sequencing services – promotional pricing starts at $1200
Over 1000 antibodies sequenced, with 100% success rate.

Peptide Synthesis Promotion   Peptide Synthesis Promotion
Special online promotion: Take 35% off high purity peptides (sc1208) in July! Get an instant quote now!

Guaranteed custom peptide price match   Guaranteed custom peptide price match
Send us the competitor quote and we will match the lowest price!