Protein Characterization Services (Catalog No: SC1576)

Antibody characterization is a pre-requisite for the discovery and development of antibody-based pharmaceuticals. GenScript is proud to provide a wide range of sophisticated biochemical and functional analysis for comprehensive protein characterization, including therapeutic antibodies. To meet the specific requirements, GenScript offers Custom Protein Characterization Service (Catalog No: SC1576), from which our customers could benefit the complete analytical characterization packages, including individual analyses or a full protein analysis package to fulfill regulatory requirements.

Key features

Western Blot
Peptide Mapping
Amino Acid Sequencing
N-terminal Sequencing
C-terminal Sequencing
Disulfide Bond Analysis
Carbohydrate Structure Analysis
Capillary Electrophoresis (CE)
Amino Acid Composition
ADCC and CDC assays
Biacore analysis
Endotoxin Test
Host cell DNA and Protein
Residual Protein A
BCA, Bradford, and Lowry
Circular Dicroism (CD)

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