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Applications of Gene Synthesis: Clone Recombinant Antibodies or Humanized Mouse Antibodies

Clinical diagnostic/therapeutic reagents
Drug development
Biomedical research
Controlling autoimmune disease
Methodologies for the attachment of diagnostic and toxic agents

Different means of monoclonal antibody production, such as the hybridoma, give us the ability to derive individual antibodies of invariant specificity and selectivity and to immortalize the antibody-producing cells, ensuring a virtually infinite supply of highly specific antibodies. However, hybridoma technology requires substantial time, labor, expertise, specialized cell culture facilities, lab animals, and the screening of large numbers of hybridomas. The number of substances that are immunogenic in mammals is limited, and the maximum diversity expected from the mammalian immune response is on the order of 6 x 106 different antibodies. More importantly, there is no practical way to alter the properties of antibodies produced by hybridomas.

Our Solution
These problems may be overcome through the use of hybrid chimeric antibodies in which the mouse variable and human constant regions are fused on a genetic level. Recombinant human-mouse antibodies of this nature retain the specificity of the original murine variable region but assume the effector function of the human constant region. GenScript specializes in the isolation and expression of antibody genes into high-quality custom antibodies. GenScript's recombinant antibody technology is based on advances in the understanding of antibody structure and function, the biology of bacteriophage replication and new DNA manipulation and mutagenesis techniques. In particular the determinations of many immunoglobulin heavy and light chain variable domains (VH and VL) have led researchers to develop consensus oligonucleotide primers to recover the genes from new antibodies. Using polymerase chain reaction (PCR), these genes are amplified from single-stranded DNA copies of antibody messenger RNA (mRNA). This, along with the development of new plasmid and bacteriophage cloning vectors for the selection and expression of antibodies, has become instrumental in GenScript's recombinant antibody process.

Our Advantages
Let GenScript's vast experience in recombinant antibody expression and custom gene synthesis accelerate your research by providing you with high-performance genes specifically optimized for your application, allowing maximum expression of recombinant bioproducts.

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