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DNA Sequencing Services

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As the largest gene synthesis and comprehensive molecular biology service provider in the USA with proven capability and reliability, GenScript now expands DNA sequencing services in North America to offer our customers high speed and superior quality services. The Sanger DNA sequencing services are performed by our professionally trained staff on our state-of-the-art instrument and analyzed with advanced bioinformatics tools.

Now, you can enjoy our special offer for new clients: 4 free reactions the first time you place DNA sequencing order.

Key Features

  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Within 24 hours after receiving sample

  • Flexible sample submission (see details in sample submission guidelines)
  • Accept samples submitted in different tube formats: 1.5ml tubes, strip tubes and 96-well plates
    Allow for various types of template: Plasmid, unpurified or purified PCR products
    Premix your primer/template in the same sample or send them in separate tubes

  • Free universal primers (complete list)
  • Over 40 different universal primers available with no additional charge

  • High quality
  • Read length up to 1kb on ABI 3730xl equipment with full QC review of all data

  • Easy-to-use online quotation/ordering system

  • Convenient data retrieval through secure server

  • Cost effective
  • Up to 40% less than your current pricing for Gene Sequencing

Additional Services

  • Power Read
  • Difficult templates often fail in the first sequencing attempt. For best results, choose Power Read service. Our experts at GenScript will design and test different reaction conditions until good sequence reads are obtained. For the fee of one extra reaction, we guarantee good quality data with Power Read service otherwise only regular sequencing charge is applied.

  • Data Analysis
  • This option authorizes GenScript to review the chromatogram, manually edit sequencing results and deliver aligned contigs in DNAstar format. The DNAstar software is required to review the alignment files. Sequencing results will be aligned with reference sequence if submitted. One contig file will be generated for each reference sequence, where results from multiple reactions will be in a single contig file if the reference sequence is the same. Results from Data Analysis service will be delivered in 12 hours after the sequencing result is posted. A flat rate will be charged per sample analyzed.

  • Concentration Measurement
  • By choosing this service, DNA concentration of your sample will be determined by A260 on NanoDrop and samples will be diluted to optimal concentration for sequencing. When sample concentration is below minimal requirement for sequencing, only Concentration Measurement service will be charged, and customers will be informed immediately to avoid delay and extra charges. This service is not available for submissions in plate format.

mAb Sequencing Services

Our latest technology breakthrough enables us to provide the antibody sequencing services with the best quality and the most competitive prices at the same time! GenScript's promotional prices for antibody sequencing services start from only $1200.
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dna sequencing quotationQuotations and Ordering

  • For quotation requests and questions, contact us by phone, email, fax, via our secured online quotation system or submit your sequencing worksheets.
  • Orders can be placed by phone, email, fax or online with a formal PO (Purchase Order) or credit card.
  • Please send your samples together with a hard copy of the completed order summary to DNA Sequencing Service, GenScript USA Inc., 860 Centennial Ave., Piscataway, NJ 08854, U.S.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday; please contact us anytime for assistance.