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GenBrick™ DNA Building Blocks for Synthetic Biology
GenBrick Synthesis Service

GenBrick™ Building Blocks for Synthetic Biology

GenBrick DNA Building Blocks for Synthetic Biology enable genome synthesis, metabolic engineering, vaccine research and more.

GenScript's GenBrick™ synthesis service provides 100% accurate 8-15 kb long DNA sequences, the fundamental building blocks of synthetic biology. Compared to assembling large DNA constructs from oligos or short DNA segments, which is time consuming and error-prone, GenScript's GenBrick™ synthesis service delivers full-length synthetic DNA fragments with 100% guaranteed sequence accuracy, free of any mutations or negative clones. Building on our expertise in gene synthesis and molecular biology, GenScript's scientists have developed proprietary technology for accurate and efficient one-step assembly DNA fragments, allowing us to offer the best price and turnaround time available for large synthetic genes: only $0.45/bp and 23 business days for custom-synthesized DNA constructs up to 15 kb.

Applications for GenBrick™ Synthesis

Why choose GenScript's GenBrickTM Service?

With over 13 years of experience in gene synthesis, GenScript has an unparalleled record of synthesizing long genes and genes with complex secondary structures. GenScript's GenBrick™ service has our 100% sequence verification guarantee, making it a powerful tool for synthetic biology research when compared to the traditional assembly method. Ultimately, GenBrick™ gene synthesis service makes synthetic biology research easier, faster, and risk-free.

GenBrick™ Synthesis Service Specifications

Gene Length Price/bp Turnaround time Vector How to Order
≤8,000 bp
8,001-15,000 bp
23 business days*
See vector map
>15 kb
See vector map

* 23 business days is typical turnaround time for standard sequences. Complex sequences may take longer; please request a quote for a more accurate estimate for your sequences.

Delivery Specifications

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