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VectorArk & CloneArk System

GenScript VectorArk/CloneArk System provides a platform for customers to archive, share and reuse their vectors and clones at GenScript. The system consists of 3 parts: Archive System, Share System and Use System.

Archive Archive Vector
  • Archive with Subcloning Service (Free!)
  • Archive without Subcloning Service VectorArk Service
Check Archived Vectors in
My Archived Vectors
Archive Clone
  • Automatically Store
    GenScript will automatically store the clones produced at GenScript by default.
  • Manually Store
    If you do not wish for us to store your clones by default, please choose “No” for the “Auto Store Clone” option in My Total Clone; you can select specific ones you want stored by using the “Store Clone” button. (click here to see a sample)
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My Archived Clones
Share Share Vector/Clone Physical Copy
  • Share with Individual
    Share the vector/clone copy with individuals
(click here to see a sample)

Check the shared Vectors/Clones in
My Vectors Shared
with others

My Clones Shared
with others
  • Share with Customer Group
    Share the vector/clone copy with everyone in a customer group
  • Share with Public
    Every customer can find and use the vector/clone in the "plasmid collection center" (this function is still underdevelopment)
Check Public Clones in
Plasmid Collection Center
(this function is still underdevelopment)
Share Vector/Clone Information only
  • Create/Join a Customer Group
    After you entered a GenScript Customer Group, information related to your archived vectors/clones with be shared with each member of the group automatically.
Check Group
Vectors/Clones in
Group Vectors
Group Clones
Use Use Personal Vector/Clone
You can directly use your own archived vectors/clones or the vectors/clones shared from others to place new orders. (click here to see a sample)

New! You will now get double EzCoupon™ Points from any orders involving the use of archived clones or archived vectors at GenScript.
Use Group Vector/Clone
Normally, You only have the right the view group vectors'/clones' information, but you do not have a copy of them. If you need to use a certain group vector/clone, please ask its owner to share it with you first.
Use Public Vector/Clone
You can directly use the vectors/clones in the "plasmid collection center". (this function is still underdevelopment)

Benefits of using VectorArk/CloneArk System

  1. Long Time Free Storing – For vectors, we provide 5 years (or even longer) Free Storing service as long as you used the vectors at GenScript; for clones, we provide totally Free Storing service forever as long as the clones were produced by GenScript.
  2. Confidential Guaranteed – The information of your vectors/clones will be strictly confidential; it won't be released without your formal permission.
  3. Save Shipping Fee and Time – You can directly use the archived vectors/clones for your future projects without sending them to us again; it will save both the shipping fee and your time for the new projects.
  4. Easy to Share – We provide a powerful platform for you to share the information or physical copy of the vectors/clones with other individuals, groups or even public. You can easily manage your vectors/clones inventory online.
  5. Earn EzCoupon™ Points - You will now get double EzCoupon™ Points from any orders involving the use of archived clones or archived vectors at GenScript. These Points could be debated as gifts or even money (1000 points worth $10) for your future projects (Please check here for more details: http://www.genscript.com/reward_center.html).