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Yeast Expression System
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YeastHIGH™ Yeast Expression System

Yeast protein expression system is the most economical eukaryotic expression system for both secretion and intracellular expression. It is ideally suitable for large-scale production of recombinant eukaryotic proteins.

GenScript's YeastHIGH™ Technology selects stable and durable production strains that resemble mammalian system, for high-yield, high-productivity protein processing thus dramatically reducing the associated costs and inherent time requirements. In addition, as the largest gene synthesis supplier in the U.S., GenScript deploys OptimumGene™ Codon Optimization specific to Pichia pastoris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and other yeast strains to further enhance the productivity of your protein without additional cost.

Combining advanced technologies and profound experience, GenScript's YeastHIGH™ Advanced Package enables high protein expression yield and achieves a success rate of over 90% for a variety of recombinant proteins. If you would like to provide your own protocol(s) for protein expression and purification, the YeastHIGH™ Standard Package is recommended.


  • Proprietary Technologies: Our YeastHIGH™ Technology considers promoters, optimal copies of vector per cell, inducibility, signal peptides and cellular location, which are essential for high-level recombinant protein production.

  • Humanized antibody production: GenScript has developed a platform that produces humanized antibodies in yeast expression system. The similarity between the yeast and mammalian system for recombinant antibody expression enables GenScript to reduce the high cost associated with manufacturing recombinant antibody in mammalian expression system.

  • Large-scale protein production: GenScript's fermentation facility provides high-quality protein production up to 500L. The purity and yield can be greatly enhanced by our large-scale filtration system.

  • Streamlined Services: GenScript can take your project directly from gene synthesis, to downstream activities including recombinant protein expression, stable cell line generation, antibody production and assay development.

  • YeastHIGH™ Standard
  • Case Study
  • Applications

YeastHIGH™ Standard Package (SC1257)

GenScript also provides a standard yeast expression package service, which can be conducted in accordance with any protocol the customer may see fit to supply.

Milestones Specifications Deliverables Timeline1
1. Subcloning
  • Subcloning into appropriate expression vector
  • Plasmid maxi preparation
  • Linearize the construct
Construct(s) report
2 weeks
2. Expression and evaluation
  • Transformation of the linear construct into the appropriate host strain
  • Confirmation of positive transformants via PCR
  • Expression confirmation
  • SDS-PAGE gel and/or Western blot
Expression data
2 weeks
3. Pilot expression and purification
  • 1 L yeast culture expression
  • One-step purification, or additional purification to reach purity of 90% or higher
  • QC by SDS-PAGE, Western blot2, and MALDI-TOF3
Purified proteins
QC data
2 weeks
4. Large-scale protein production and purification (Optional)
  • Large-scale production up to 2,000 L (Employs fermentors and TFF large-scale filtration system)
  • Deliverables available at >90% purity or higher
  • Removal of tags
Yeast paste/
Purified proteins
QC data
2–3 weeks
Total price of YeastHIGH™ Standard Package: starting from $2,900
Listed is the typical turnaround time at GenScript. Please note that additional requirements may incur additional steps, and likewise longer processing time.

FREE Western QC data is available for tagged proteins that can be detected by the anti-His or anti-GST antibody. For other tagged proteins, additional charges may apply.

Optional - additional charges may apply.

Case Study—Humanized antibody production

As in one case for demonstration, GenScript's scientists successfully expressed scFv, Fab, and full length Antibody A in yeast. Following figures reflect the expression results. All fragments were identified and confirmed by MALDI-TOF.

  Fig. B: SDS-PAGE analysis of anti-
A Fab expression

Band 1: Joint chain (24.5 kD + 23 kD);
Band 2: 24.5 kD; Band 3: 23 kD
Fig. A: SDS-PAGE analysis of anti-A Ig expression

Band 1: Heavy chain;
Band 2: Light chain

  Fig. C-1 (left figure): Western blot analysis of anti-A ScFv expression
Fig. C-2 (right figure): SDS-PAGE analysis of anti-A ScFv expression

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Grown in chemically defined media, the resulting purified secretory or intracellular proteins can be used for the following applications:

  • Eukaryotic protein analysis
  • NMR studies with isotope-labeled proteins
  • Assay screening
  • Structural biology studies
  • Animal feed production
  • Environmental engineering

GenScript has developed a platform that allows humanized antibodies to be produced in yeast expression system. The similarity between the yeast and mammalian system for recombinant antibody expression enables GenScript to reduce the high cost associated with manufacturing recombinant antibody in mammalian expression system.

Quotations and Ordering

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