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In 2002, GenScript was founded with the motive to make research easy for its customers by supplying reliable gene synthesis services. Because of GenScript’s customer first attitude, GenScript has grown to become a worldwide provider of quality biological reagents and synthesis services for many major disciplines of molecular biology; including antibodies, CRISPR, proteins, genes, and therapeutics. This August, GenScript is happy to announce it celebrated its 16th anniversary, and with its ever-increasing portfolio of biological reagents, it is sure to continue its growth for many years to come. Reminiscing on Our Past Motivates Us for an Even More Exciting Future When I reflect on the past two decades, I cannot help but to be proud of the significant impact GenScript has made on the success of our customers scientific advancements. Throughout the years, GenScript has worked diligently to not only become experts in reagent generation, but to use that expertise to continuously create innovative services and products for our customers. It is this passion that has allowed us to establish multiple fully integrated services for gene synthesis, peptide synthesis, protein expression and engineering, custom antibody development and engineering, animal model development, and in vitro / in vivo pharmacology. We also continue to develop our catalog products for a variety of biological experiments, such as protein purification, western blotting, & CRISPR based mutagenesis. It is these core competencies that have given us the opportunity to provide services for our newest venture in antibody drug discovery, development, & manufacturing. Through our accelerated and innovative discovery platform, we are able to generate novel mono and bi-specific humanized therapeutic leads. After candidate selection, we also offer a multitude of services including developability assessment, functionality testing, and small scale production. GenScript’s Mission to Make People and Nature Healthier I am honored to be able to work with GenScript’s loyal and brilliant customers. I personally would like to thank each and every one of our clients for their continuous trust in GenScript’s abilities to help them achieve their goals. It is their innovative thinking that challenges us to create and modify our services in order to fit their needs. I would also like to thank our global partners, whom we have the pleasure to collaborate with in order to delivery impeccable reagents which make a positive impact on our clients’ businesses. As an integral part of our team, we are all truly grateful to be able to work with such influential parties all over the globe. Lastly, I would like to thank our hard working employees; who without their passion for scientific discovery, strong work ethic, and drive for customer satisfaction, we would not have been able to successfully grow this business. I am thankful for the opportunity to work alongside such a group of talented individuals. Please know that your willingness to continuously give your best and help one another is extraordinary, and deeply admired. The biotechnology industry is ever-changing in order to meet the needs of our world. At GenScript, we have always committed ourselves to contribute to the improvement of public and environmental health. It is this mission that we will strive to work for in the coming years, and we are excited to take this journey alongside you.

Frank Zhang

On Sep 5, 2018, we will publish the winner list for "Your Story in Biology" as well as the other two programs: "Referral Program" & "Surprise Gift with '16' in your order". Please keep an eye on it, you might be one of the winners!

To commemorate GenScript's 16th anniversary and to further support your research, we are officially launching GenScript Guaranteed Services. Browser though a variety of ways we can Make your Research Easy!

Watch how bacteria are celebrating GenScript's 16th anniversary!

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Sixteen years of innovation has allowed GenScript to provide a comprehensive catalog of services and products. We continuously develop new life science technologies to stay at the forefront of the industry. Browse through different categories to learn how you can take advantage of them for advancing your research.

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Biologics Services
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Ab Lead
Cell Lines
Founded in New Jersey, US
Established custom protein and antibody services, R&D and production site in Nanjing, China
Opened a branch in Europe
Received investment from KPCB & BALLOCH
Established Industrial Synthetic Biology Products business unit
Listed in Hong Kong's stock market (1548.HK)
Successful treatment of patients with multiple myeloma by LCAR-B38M, a CAR-T therapy developed by Legend Biotech (a GenScript subsidiary)
  • Investing $75 million in a new biologics GMP facility
  • FDA clearance of IND application on CAR-T immuno-cell therapy for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma
  • Legend Biotech Announces Closing of Global Strategic LCAR-B38M Car-T Cell Immunotherapy Collaboration with Janssen
  • CFDA IND approval of KLT Pharma