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20% off on large scale peptide synthesis

20% Off on Large Scale Peptide Synthesis

Limited Time Offer to Accelerate Your Peptide Research

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Large Scale Peptide Case Study



Difficult Peptide

Case 1 (Express Delivery)

Turnaround Time Sequence Length Purity Quantity Theoretical MW: Observed MW:
14 days X{PEG}XX 4 AA >98% 500 g 443.49 443.2



Case 2 (Batch Consistency)

Sequence Length Purity Quantity Theoretical MW: Observed MW:
MRLXXXRRRYRLXXXXSRRLFXXXXLRXXXXNRLRRIMXXXXRF 44 AA >95% 10 g & 20 g 5750.01 5749.8 (10 g) & 5749.2 (20 g)



Case 3 (Difficult Peptide Handling)

Sequence Length Purity Quantity Double Disulfide Bridge Theoretical MW: Observed MW:
RXXLCXXXGRFXXXXGR 17 AA >95% 20 g 5-14, 7-12 1900.3 1900.4



Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotion is valid for large scale (≥1 g) peptide synthesis.
  2. Promotion is valid from July 8th to August 31st 2021.
  3. Promotion is not available for China, Japan or Europe.
  4. Promotion cannot be retroactively applied to confirmed orders.
  5. Promotion cannot be combined with other discounts and pre-arranged pricing agreement.

Drs. Fiona Simpson

Université de Montréal & Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Research Center, Canada

GenScript has been extremely helpful in facilitating our peptide-based biomaterial research projects. Their staff are helpful and provide updates on the progress of the synthesis, quality control and shipping; we always know when we can expect the product. Their peptides have been consistent in quality and we appreciate the ability to bottle according to lot amounts and test and control for endotoxin. Overall, they have provided an excellent service for very reasonable prices.

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Application Note

Learn more about impact of TFA in peptide


GenScript is Here to Help Your Peptide Research

>98% success rate

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Up to 200 AA

300+ modifications

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5 BDs

17+ years peptide synthesis experience