GenScript is pleased to introduce the microbial genome editing service for knock-in, knock-out or gene replacement in bacteria (E. coli). Our service employs a two vector system to target up to three genes simultaneously, ensuring editing accuracy down to the base pair. In addition, to further improve efficacy in bacteria, our scientists have developed a novel λ Red-CRISPR/Cas9 system, which leverages the efficiency of traditional λ Red recombineering with the ease of CRISPR/Cas for seamless, targeted genome editing.



Precision Down to the Base Pair

Multigene Editing

can knock-out up to 3 genes simultaneously

Easy selection

no selectable marker is required

Service Details

Service E. coli Knock-out E. coli Knock-in
Guide RNA Design

Our expert scientists will optimize your guide RNA sequence for maximized efficiency and minimal off-target effects using design algorithms created at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Materials Needed from Clients
  • Host strain
  • Target gene name
  • Target gene sequence, if the whole genome sequence is unavailable
Multiplex Editing Up to 3 targets Single knock-in/replacement
Deliverables Engineered strain in glycerol stock
Quality Control
  • Sequence Chromatogram
  • Quality Assurance Certificate
  • Quantitative RT-PCR Validation (Optional)
  • Western Blot Validation (Optional)
Delivery Time Starting from 4 weeks
Pricing Starting from $4,000 Starting from $5,400*

*Pricing does not include the additional cost for gene synthesis, if required.


Chad Johnston, Ph.D.Chad Johnston,

Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in the Collins Lab at MIT.

GenScript's CRISPR service was a life saver for my research. We were totally stuck on a specific point mutation in our E.coli strain, and GenScript was able to step in and get it done. Updates are provided through every step of the process and they've been a pleasure to deal with.


We would like to acknowledge Professor Sheng Yang (Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences) for contributing the original plasmids for the microbial genome editing service. The plasmids were subsequently engineered by the GenScript team to meet the service needs.

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