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DNA Immunization Service for Custom Antibody Production

DNA Immunization Service for Custom Antibody Production

GenScript's DNA Immunization Technology is a powerful tool to aid in custom antibody production against membrane proteins, other problematic antigens, as well as early DNA vaccine development studies. This innovative DNA immunization technique allows antigen production to occur in vivo, bypassing the need to produce and purify protein antigen in vitro. Whether your antigen is a membrane protein or other challenging antigen, such as a toxic, unstable or insoluble protein that is difficult to express or purify, our experienced team of scientists will utilize a fully customizable DNA immunization approach to meet your specific research goals.

DNA immunization is not only an innovative tool in antibody development against membrane proteins and other problematic antigens, but also a powerful technique in the early phases of DNA vaccine development. GenScript's proven DNA immunization service will help you succeed in your next DNA vaccine development project. Click here to learn more »

Applications and Advantages of DNA Immunization Service

Key Advantages
Antibody Development for Membrane Proteins and Problematic Antigens
Early DNA Vaccine Development
  • Streamlines Ab production against membrane proteins and other problematic antigens
  • Eliminates need to produce and purify target protein in vitro
  • Abs produced recognize native protein structure
  • Protein is produced in small quantities in vivo driving production of high affinity Abs
  • Superior codon optimized gene synthesis technology ensures quality antigen production in vivo
  • Optimized plasmid vectors and immunization protocols promote transfection efficiency
  • Specialized adjuvant and immune mediators substantially enhance immune response
Flexible customization options available
Readily integrated downstream applications for antibody drug development

DNA Immunization Protocol Details* (SC1693)

Step Specification Timeline

Gene Synthesis & Validation
  • Codon optimization
  • Gene synthesis & plasmid preparation
  • In vitro cell transfection for expression validation
2-3 weeks

DNA Immunization
  • DNA immunization via gold particle bombardment with gene gun
  • Test bleed by ELISA
6-10 weeks

Cell Fusion & Screening
  • Animals selected for fusion based on titer
  • Primary screening by whole cell based ELISA
  • Customer can evaluate hybridoma supernatants and select the top clones for their application
  • Additional screening options available
4-6 weeks

Subcloning, Expansion &cryopreservation
  • Hybridomas are subcloned by limiting dilution according to the evaluation result from the customer, then expanded & frozen

Monoclonal Antibody Production (optional)
  • Production of mAbs for each cell line with roller bottle culture
  • Purification
  • ELISA results
Based on project

GenScript's DNA immunization service has been designed to seamlessly combine with several of our popular custom Ab services including:

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DNA Immunization Service for Custom Antibody Production

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