GenScript offers comprehensive modifications and labeling to meet research needs in biology, diagnostics and drug discovery. We specialize in oligonucleotides labeled by fluorescent or non-fluorescent dyes, quencher pairs or electrochemicals for qualitative and quantitative detection. These oligonucleotides are rapidly coming into use in genetic testing and personalized medicine. We also provide unmodified DNA oligo synthesis for large-scale orders (at least 96 DNA Oligos).

DNA oligos produced by GenScript's state-of-the-art oligo-synthesizer have substantial purity with low truncated sequences. Each oligo is meticulously monitored during synthesis and controlled according to GenScript's stringent quality assurance and quality control standards. The final product is identified by mass spectrum and its purity is analyzed by high throughput capillary gel electrophoresis or HPLC based on the purification option.

Competitive Advantages

Cost-effective DNA oligos
Highly customized , final yield guaranteed
High quality: ISO9001 & ISO13485 certified, comprehensive quality control report
Comprehensive modifications
and labeling


DNA Oligo Synthesis

GenScript provides modified DNA oligos with flexible synthesis scales for your individual research needs. The mini package at 50 nmol scale is especially designed for avoiding waste in a tight budget. Bulk orders are also available upon request.


GenScript provides comprehensive modifications for your individual research need. The modifications range from

General modifications such as modified bases, phosphorylation, thiolation, linkages, etc.

Labeling such as fluorescent/non-fluorescent dye labeling, dual-labeled probes for real-time qPCR, and multiple labeling.

Backbone modifications such as DNA containing thiophosphodiester linkages.


Oligonucleotides purification can be accomplished by various methods. GenScript provides desalt, HPLC, PAGE, HPLC+, and PAGE+ to meet diverse application needs. Please contact a sales representative for a special request such as Dual HPLC, Dual PAGE & HPLC, or other combinations.

Services Details

Quotations and Ordering

For quotations, please use our secured Online Quotation/Ordering system. However, you may also contact us by email, phone (1-732-885-9188) or fax (1-732-210-0262).

Orders can be placed directly through our secured Online Quotation/Ordering system with a formal PO (Purchase Order) or credit card.

For batch orders, please download and complete our Quick Quotation Request and send it to us via email or fax.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours Monday through Friday. You may contact us anytime for assistance.


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