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GANP® Transgenic Mice

Fastest Custom Monoclonal Antibody Services

GenScript has licensed a unique GANP® technology from Transgenic Inc for the production of high-affinity and high-specificity antibodies. These mice can be chosen when high affinity and high specificity antibodies are needed for certain applications. GANP mice are available for all our hybridoma services including our Fast Monoclonal Antibody Services, Phospho-Specific mAb Service, Customized Monoclonal Antibody Packages, and Antibody Drug Development Services.

Key Features

GANP Mechanism

GANP, the acronym for Germinal Center Associated Nuclear Protein (GANP), is a recently discovered protein, over-expressed in B-cells centered in embryo. It can be up-regulated in germinal center (GC) B cells upon immunization with T-cell dependent antigen. GANP carries two domains: a domain that generates RNA primers under the regulation of CD40/CD40L interaction (RNA-primase domain) and another domain of the MCM3-binding activity. GANP can augment the induction of somatic hypermutation (SHM) in the V regions, resulting in the affinity maturation of V regions during the proliferation and differentiation of Ag-driven B cells in GCs. Accumulating research has suggested that GANP is important in the reconstruction of antibody genes, and transgenic mice expressing high level of GANP can be used to produce antibodies with high affinity and specificity.

Nature Communications 4, Article number:1830 | doi:10.1038/ncomms2823 | Received 15 October 2012 | Accepted 28 March 2013 | Published 07 May 2013
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GANP® mice produce monoclonal antibodies with higher affinities than BALB/c mouse-produced antibodies
GANP specificity  
Ranking Clone Strain Affinity (KD)
1 7C11 GANP 3.98*10e-9
2 6C1 GANP 3.29*10e-9
3 1B6 Balb/c 1.37*10e-8
4 1E12 Balb/c 2.19*10e-8
5 2G3 Balb/c
6 7C3 GANP
7 1E2 Balb/c
8 7F7 GANP
9 7E2 GANP

Affinity ranking and affinity measurements taken by BIAcore for the monoclonal antibodies generated from GANP® mice or BALB/c mice.

Guideline for GANP® transgenic mouse offering

GenScript has signed a license agreement with TransGenic Inc., and is authorized to use GANP® transgenic mice to provide custom antibody service worldwide (excluding Japan). According to the agreement, GenScript needs to report to Transgenic Inc. the names of customers who have used GANP® services through GenScript.

Any customer using GANP® mice through GenScript Services for research use only does not need to pay an additional fee to Transgenic Inc. However, Transgenic Inc. may charge additional license fees and/or royalties if the antibody becomes a commercial product. GenScript does not have the right to grant the commercial sublicense to any third party. The clients must negotiate with TransGenic Inc. to obtain their own commercial license though GenScript is currently working on obtaining this ability to streamline our customers' experience.

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Fastest Custom Monoclonal Antibody Services

Quotation and Ordering

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