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Protein Analysis

Proteins, Expression, Isolation and Analysis

Active and purified proteins play crucial roles in nearly all biological processes, especially in the fields of functional and structural analysis, assay development, and drug candidate discovery. GenScript offers a broad spectrum of protein products, including protein expression vectors, protein isolation and purification resins and magnetic beads, Precast PAGE Gels, protein markers, eStain® L1 Protein Staining System, ONE-HOUR Western™ Detection Kits, and a wide selection of Catalog Proteins, giving you a direct path to successful protein research projects.

Protein Purification Resins

Excellent affinity chromatography resins for protein and antibody purification.

  Magnetic Beads

Purify protein and antibody easily and quickly using GenScript magnetic separation technology.

Precast PAGE Gels

Long shelf life, short running time, large loading volume, and high transfer efficiency.

  Protein Staining

eStain L1 offers superior sensitivity compared to conventional methods and can detect protein with ultra-sensitivity and simplicity.

Protein Standards

A wide selection of prestained and unstained molecular wieght standards for SDS-PAGE and Western Blot

Recombinant Proteins

Multiplexing allows for simultaneous analysis of IP etc.