The world first witnessed the power of vaccination with Edward Jenner's demonstration of smallpox inoculations more than two centuries ago, yet strides are still being made in the field to this day. Once the crude transfer of material from an affected individual with the hopes of conferring protection through mild exposure, the field has grown to nearly eradicate many of the infectious diseases threatening our species including smallpox, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, and tuberculosis to name just a few. Contemporary vaccine development and research now turns its focus towards the worlds worst biological threats such as HIV, malaria, and even cancer. GenScript's vaccine development related services provide cutting edge support to accelerate vaccine research from gene synthesis through animal models.

Gene Synthesis

Fast de novo synthesis for granular control of immune response, RNA and protein stability, and recombination risk.

Codon Optimization

Increase target expression for sufficient immune stimulation or rationally deoptimize critical viral genes to protect against viral infections. Learn more

Bacterial Protein Expression

High level expression platform for proteins or protein subunits (antigens) that don't require post-translational modification.

Mammalian Protein Expression

Mammalian transient and stable expression services deliver high quality proteins and recombinant antibodies (rAbs) from microgram to gram quantities.

Peptide Synthesis

Precisely direct optimal immunogenic responses with peptide level accuracy

Animal Models

Seamlessly streamline transition into preclinical testing in animal models using peptide, protein and gene as the vaccine in multiple dosing routes.

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