This online quotation system is for BacPower™ Guaranteed protein expression service(3mg-10mg, 85%-90% purity, tagged protein. Native protein should be ≤800 amino acids) The recommended downstream applications are protein antigen and recombinant vaccine research.

For other applications(activity assay, custom enzyme production, protein structural research, etc.) or more stringent requirements with respect to purity, tag choice, tag removal and protocol, please submit your request here for customized bacterial protein expression services.

Protein #1 1. Target protein send
*Amino acid sequence:
Length (aa):
Accession number:

2. Product requirements
*Minimum desired purity: 85%    90%
*Endotoxin removal required?: Yes    No
*Endotoxin limits (EU/μg): ≤1.0    ≤0.1    ≤0.01
*Desired amount (mg):
*Protein refolding OK? : Yes    No

3. Characterization
  Endotoxin ELISA HPLC IEF LC-MS/MS coverage N-terminal sequencing Other

Additional info Comments

We are sorry - based on results of our proprietary sequence analysis platform,
your target did not qualify for our BacPower™ guaranteed bacterial protein expression service.
However, we are happy to provide you with a quote for our custom protein production services.
To submit a custom protein quotation inquiry, click here

Refolding will be done only if soluble protein production is not possible. Upon refolding, protein bioactivity may be impacted and it may not be suitable for downstream functional assays. Selecting "No" might make your protein ineligible for BacPowerTM guaranteed service.

SDS-PAGE and Western Blot are included in the guaranteed package at no extra cost. Endotoxin characterization is included at no extra cost for endotoxin removal service.

The protein sequences will be subjected to evaluation by our sequence analysis engine. Please note that any signal peptide found in protein sequences will be trimmed automatically. Final purified protein will not contain signal peptide.

For complex requests, our Ph.D.-level Technical Account Managers will email you a quote within one business day.

For Batch Orders: You may fill out the Batch Quotation Request Form and send back to