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For batch orders, please download and complete the Custom Peptide Batch Order Form and email it to

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When inputting your custom peptide sequence, please use only the codes specified in the Amino Acid Code Table. This form can accept single-letter codes or multiple-letter codes interchangeably. However, please place braces {} around each multiple-letter entry.
e.g. AC{GLY}{ORN}{d-GLY}

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If your modification is not listed below, please describe the modification in the Comments section. Click here for a complete list of available modifications.

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For multiple aliquoting requests, an additional fees of $2.00 per vial will be charged for each additional aliquot in excess of 5.

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Net peptide content is the actual percent(target peptide+Peptide fragment) weight of total peptide(gross peptide, water, iron and so on), Net peptide content may vary from batch to batch depending on the purification and lyophilization processes
Net peptide weight=Gross peptide weight* Purity*net peptide content ratio
Net Peptide Quantity could be analyzed by Peptide Content Analysis (Amino Acid Analysis, Nitrogen Analysis).

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Purity Application
Immunograde Peptides
Peptide purity >70%
  • ELISA testing
  • Peptide arrays
  • Antigens for polyclonal antibody production or affinity purification 
Biochemistry Grade Peptides
Peptide purity >85%
  • NMR studies
  • Epitope mapping
  • Phosphorylation studies
  • Peptide blocking studies for Western Blot
  • Cell attachment studies
High Purity Grade Peptides
Peptide purity >95%
  • SAR studies
  • Quantitative receptor-ligand interactions studies
  • Quantitative blocking and competitive inhibition studies
  • Quantitative phosphorylation studies
  • Quantitative proteolysis studies
  • In vitro bioassays
  • In vitro studies
Industrial Grade Peptides
Peptide purity >98%
  • Crystallography
  • cGMP peptides for drug studies
  • Cosmetic peptides for cosmeceuticals

Please specify the total number of peptides , the default quantity and the default purity in your order to

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1. Requested information
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Purity:      Aliquot To:   vials
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Change all amino acids to D-amino acids

2. Custom modifications: Help

Other Modifications:
Disulfide Bridge:
(Format: 5-12, referring to the disulfide bridge between the 5th and 12th amino acids from N-terminal)

3. Special AccuPep+ QC service:
Free Solubility Test:Help
TFA Removal:
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Standard What’s this None
Other AccuPep+QC Services:
Nitrogen Analysis
Amino-Acid Analysis
NMR analysis

Use GenScript AccuPep+ QC service to increase your data reliability! To request an additional QC test, simply type the name of your desired QC test in the Comments Section.