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2. Codon Optimization

3. Gene Synthesis Speed
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4. Cloning
Standard Cloning
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Express Cloning (GenScript provides the vector)
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Custom Cloning (Clients provide the vector)
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5. Plasmid Prep
Standard delivery: 4 μg (Free of charge)
Custom plasmid preparation (additional charge)

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7. Requirements for your quote:

The optional Search Enzyme tool makes it easy to add restriction sites to flank your sequence.

Codon Optimization can improve protein expression levels and reduce gene sequence complexity. Optimization using GenScript's patented OptimumGene algorithm is a complimentary option for all gene synthesis orders. Codon optimization does not alter the amino acid sequence of protein products, but it introduces synonymous nucleotide substitutions within constraints you specify.  For more information, see our Codon Optimization Webinar.

Tips on completing this form:

1.Host expression organism:  You must specify the host in which you plan to express your codon-optimized gene.
2.Secondary host: (Optional) If you will be expressing the construct in multiple host species, you may choose to specify a secondary expression organism.
If you only plan to express your gene in single host, please don’t choose secondary host, as it will lower CAI for primary host.
3.Optimization start position and end position: if you want only a portion of your gene sequence to be subject to codon optimization, please specify the range to be optimized.
4.ORF start position and end position:  If your gene sequence contains non-coding regions before or after the ORF, please specify the ORF positions so that codon optimization is performed only within the ORF.
5.Restriction sites to avoid: if you want to ensure that codon optimization does not introduce specific restriction sites, please enter the restriction enzyme name and/or recognition sequence here.
6.Restriction sites to avoid: if you want to ensure that codon optimization does not remove specific restriction sites already present in the gene sequence, please enter the restriction enzyme name and/or recognition sequence here.
7.Stop codon needed: select "yes" or "no." If you want to specify the stop codon, enter it in the "Sequence" box.

If you have any questions about our optimization algorithm or how to customize it for your research needs, please contact or call 1-877-436-7274.

Turnaround times listed below are for genes with standard sequences. Complex sequences may require additional time to synthesize.
 Sequence length  Standard Service  Fast Service  Rush Service
≤ 800 bp
8 - 10 days
7 days
4 days
801 bp - 1,200 bp
8 - 10 days
7 days
5 days
1,201 bp – 1,500 bp
8 - 10 days
9 days
7 days
1,501 bp – 2,000 bp
12 - 14 days
9 days
7 days
2,001 bp - 3,000 bp
12 - 14 days
11 days
3,001 bp - 4,500 bp
16 - 20 days
15 days
4,501 bp - 5,000 bp
21 - 25 days
15 days
5,001 bp - 6,000 bp
21 - 25 days
6,001 bp - 8,000 bp
23 - 30 days

Standard Cloning: choose from 6 pUC vectors. No additional cost or turnaround time. Available with any gene synthesis service (Standard, Rush, or Fast).
Express Cloning: choose from 151 Express Cloning vectors. Add 2 business days to the turnaround time for gene synthesis. Available with Standard or Fast gene synthesis. One vector per gene; if you need a single synthetic gene cloned into multiple expression vectors, please contact
Custom Cloning: any vector of your choice (mail in an aliquot). Add 5 days turnaround time. Available with Standard or Fast gene synthesis.
If you require cloning for Rush gene synthesis, please make a note in the "Other Cloning Requirements" box below. Turnaround time guarantee for Rush genes does not apply if cloning is requested. An estimated delivery date will be provided to you by email within 24 hours.

Select desired quantity, quality, and QC options for your plasmid DNA.

100 μg industrial grade plasmid DNA. Starting from $50.

For vectors that appear in the drop-down menu, you do not need to provide any vector information on this form. For any other vector, please provide the requested information. After your order is placed, we will provide you a shipping label to mail us an aliquot of the vector.

Standard Cloning into pUC57, pUC57-Kan, or pUC57-Simple vectors is free of charge. Custom Cloning into any other vector of your choice is available; additional charges apply.

100 μg industrial grade plasmid DNA. Starting from $50.

Only test for E.coli

If you only plan to express your gene in single host, please don’t choose secondary host, as it will lower CAI for primary host.

Complex project? Not sure how to describe your needs on this form? Email or call 1-877-436-7274.

 QC Items Research Grade Industrial Grade Specification
Appearance Clear, no visible particles
A260/280 1.8-2.0
Supercoiled content Based on the grade
Residual RNA Not detectable on agarose gel
Genomic DNA Not detectable on agarose gel
Concentrations 0.5-4 mg/mL upon request
Restriction Analysis Conforms to reference
Endotoxin Assay (LAL test)- Based on the grade
Bio-burden AssayOptional No growth on agar plate after 48 hours
If you have special QC requirements such as sterile filtering, please email gene@genscript after submitting your quote request.

For most sequences, a quote will be instantly emailed to you stating our guaranteed turnaround time and price. For complex requests, our Ph.D.-level Technical Account Managers will email you a quote within one business day. 

For Batch Orders: You may fill out and upload the Quick Quotation Request Form, or send batch gene sequences in FASTA format to

For assistance in requesting a quote or placing an order for gene synthesis, email, or call at 1-877-436-7274 (Toll-Free). Our experienced, Ph.D-level representatives will help manage your projects from sequence design, optimization, synthesis, cloning and beyond without any additional charges (Certain Terms and Conditions may apply).