Step 1: Design your Gene 1.1 Sequence information
*Sequence Name:
5' sequence:
* Enter gene sequence: DNA    Protein
3' sequence:
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1.2 Codon Optimization
*Host expression organism:
Optimization start position: , end position:
ORF start position: bp, end position: bp
Restriction sites to avoid: (example: BamHI, HindIII(AAGCTT))
Restriction sites to keep: (example: BamHI, HindIII(AAGCTT))
Stop codon needed:
Yes.   Sequence:

1.3 Cloning
Standard Cloning:
Vector Cloning site:  help
(Example: BamHI-HindIII, EcoR V; Note: If leave it blank, an available site will be chosen to insert the gene by GenScript, usually EcoR V)
Custom Cloning
*Vector name:
Vector sequence:
Use My Archived Clone as Vector:
Vector Sequence (from previous clone):
*Cloning site: 5' 3'

1.4 Plasmid delivery
Standard delivery: 4 μg (Free of charge)
Custom plasmid preparation (additional charge)

For vectors that appear in the drop-down menu, you do not need to provide any information or materials. For any other vector, please provide the requested information; after your order is placed, we will provide you a shipping label to mail us an aliquot of the vector.

Standard Cloning into pUC57, pUC57-Kan, or pUC57-Simple vectors is free of charge. Custom Cloning into any other vector of your choice is available; additional charges apply.

100 μg industrial grade plasmid DNA. Starting from $50.

 QC Items Research Grade Industrial Grade Specification
Appearance Clear, no visible particles
A260/280 1.8-2.0
Supercoiled content Based on the grade
Residual RNA Not detectable on agarose gel
Genomic DNA Not detectable on agarose gel
Concentrations 0.5-4 mg/mL upon request
Restriction Analysis Conforms to reference
Endotoxin Assay (LAL test)- Based on the grade
Bio-burden AssayOptional No growth on agar plate after 48 hours
If you have special QC requirements such as sterile filtering, please email gene@genscript after submitting your quote request.

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