guide RNA constructs

Search our gRNA database to find validated gRNA sequences targeting any human or mouse gene.  This is the fastest way to get your expression-ready gRNA constructs!

If you need custom gRNA sequence design (e.g. for knock-in, for targeting non-coding genomic regions, or for species other than mouse or human), please use the form below.  

Gene target information:
gRNA for CRISPR genome editing with WT SpCas9
Empty gRNA vectors (no gRNA)
gRNA for CRISPR genome editing with SpCas9D10A – Nickase
gRNA for CRISPR genome editing S. aureus Cas9 (SaCas9)
gRNA for transcription activation with SAM
1. gRNA name & sequence
*gRNA name:
Synthesize my specified gRNA sequence
Design and synthesize gRNA sequences for my target sequence

2. Vector
3. Plasmid delivery
Standard delivery: 4 μg Research Grade (Free of charge)
Custom plasmid preparation (additional charge)

You may enter a DNA sequence in FASTA format, or you may enter the name of the gene you wish you target.

We recommend using 2 or more unique gRNA for each gene you wish to target, in order to increase the likelihood of successful genome editing without off-target effects.

100 μg industrial grade plasmid DNA. Starting from $50.

10µg free upgrade industrial grade plasmid
How to store your vector? Please contact our customer service representatives or email
 QC Items Research Grade Industrial Grade Specification
Appearance Clear, no visible particles
A260/280 1.8-2.0
Supercoiled content Based on the grade
Residual RNA Not detectable on agarose gel
Genomic DNA Not detectable on agarose gel
Concentrations 0.5-4 mg/mL upon request
Restriction Analysis Conforms to reference
Endotoxin Assay (LAL test)- Based on the grade
Bio-burden AssayOptional No growth on agar plate after 48 hours
If you have special QC requirements such as sterile filtering, please email gene@genscript after submitting your quote request.