GenScript miRNA Online Quotation/Order System

Please specify the vector name in the comments section if you choose to use a non-GenScript miRNA vector.

For miRNA insert sequence:
        The length of the miRNA insert should be around 100-120 bp.
        Please use letters A, C, T, and G only.
        Please only paste in sequence data, and do not include sequence name and coordinators.
        You may use upper or lower case letters.

For Quantity:
        We recommend using MidiPrep plasmid for cell transfection. You may order MidiPrep plasmid directly from us.

This form is designed for orders that have no more than 20 constructs. For large batch order, you can select the number and click the following button: , or you may simply send us an EXCEL file, in which please list all the construct sequences and the corresponding vectors information for each construct.

Please specify the total number of construct in your order to

Construct #1
Gene :*
Vector :
miRNA insert (from 5' to 3') :
Comments:(please include specified vector info) :
Plasmid Prep :4 µg Research Grade Plasmid Prep (Standard)
 Custom Plasmid Prep (additional charge)

100 μg industrial grade plasmid DNA. Starting from $50.

 QC Items Research Grade Industrial Grade Specification
Appearance Clear, no visible particles
A260/280 1.8-2.0
Supercoiled content Based on the grade
Residual RNA Not detectable on agarose gel
Genomic DNA Not detectable on agarose gel
Concentrations 0.5-4 mg/mL upon request
Restriction Analysis Conforms to reference
Endotoxin Assay (LAL test)- Based on the grade
Bio-burden AssayOptional No growth on agar plate after 48 hours
If you have special QC requirements such as sterile filtering, please email gene@genscript after submitting your quote request.