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ACTN3 cDNA ORF clone

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ACTN3 (actin alpha 3) gene, Homo sapiens

Do you need expression-ready ACTN3 gene to study the functions and characteristics? GenScript offers ACTN3 gene in any custom vector for your molecular biology studies by ordering an ACTN3 ORF clone.

About the ACTN3 gene

ACTN3 gene encodes a member of the alpha-actin binding protein gene family. The encoded protein is primarily expressed in skeletal muscle and functions as a structural component of sarcomeric Z line. This protein is involved in crosslinking actin containing thin filaments. An allelic polymorphism in this gene results in both coding and non-coding variants; the reference genome represents the coding allele. The non-functional allele of this gene is associated with elite athlete status. [provided by RefSeq, Feb 2014].

Genomic context of ACTN3 gene

The human ACTN3 gene is shown in the context of the human genome below. To see information about the ACTN3 gene in other species, please use the  Search tool to select your desired species. GenScript has in-stock ORF clones for mouse ACTN3 , rat ACTN3 , and human ACTN3 , as well as on-demand ACTN3 ORF clones in other 183 species.

Chromosome 11 - NC_000011.10

Chromosome 11 - NC_000011.10

Genomic sequence of ACTN3 gene

Learn more about ACTN3 gene


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