Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) is a label-free optical technique for measuring biomolecular interactions in real-time. It analyzes the interference pattern of white light reflected from an immobilized protein layer on the biosensor tip and an internal reference layer. Only molecules binding to or dissociating from the biosensor can shift the interference pattern, making BLI unique and ideal for protein binding, quantitation, affinity, and kinetics in crude samples.

Protein Insect


Outstanding Capability for Complex Protein
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Advanced Expression Optimization Technology
Large Capacity
Capacity for large inserts > 400kDa
Multiple Sample Types
Capacity for large inserts > 400kDa
Accept Crude Samples


Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) vs. Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

BLI Specifications

  • Label-free detection, real-time data, high-throughput
  • Less reference channel required
  • Low sensitivity for samples with low Koff values
  • Crude sample compatibility
  • Sample can be recovered if needed
  • Fluidic-free system so less maintenance needed

SPR Specifications

  • Label-free detection, real-time data, high-throughput
  • Measures a wide range of on rates, off rates affinities
  • High cost
  • Ongoing fluidic maintenance

Service Details

For customers who wish to establish the best possible protocol for their project and then scale up, GenScript recommends using the sophisticated platform to explore different conditions for the expression of target proteins.

Services Sepecifications Amount (Pairs) Timeline (Wks) Deliverables
Antigen affinity measurement-kinetic (5 concentrations) 1-4 1 Analysis Report
5-24 1-2
25-96 2-3
>96 3
Antigen affinity measurement-affinity ranking (1 concentration) 1-4 1
5-24 1
25-96 1-2
>96 2-3

1. No additional capture sensor cost, if ProA, AHC2, AMQ are involved.
2. No additional method development cost, like optimization of ligand quantity, analyte concentration range, time of association and dissociation, etc.

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