An anti-idiotype antibody (anti-ID Ab, see the schematic diagram) binds to the idiotype of another antibody, usually an antibody-drug. An idiotype can be defined as the specific combination of idiotopes present within an antibody complementary determining regions. Since anti-ID Abs are capable of binding to antibody-drugs within biological fluids, they are commonly used in the preclinical setting to analyze the pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) of antibody-drugs. Due to the similarity between anti-ID Abs and anti-drug antibodies, anti-ID Abs are also commonly used as a reference standard for antibody-drug immunogenicity, anti-drug antibody (ADA) studies, and neutralization antibody measurements.

Leveraging its extensive expertise in antibody development, GenScript partners with investigators just like you in developing highly sensitive and specific polyclonal and monoclonal anti-ID antibodies to best suit your particular downstream applications.

Type 1. Antigen-blocking 2. Non-blocking 3. Complex-specific
Schematic diagram Antigen-blocking image Non-blocking image Antigen-blocking
Feature Paratope-specific Not Paratope-specific Partially paratope-specific
Antigen binding Inhibitory Not inhibitory Not inhibitory
Application Detect free drug only Detect total drug (free and bound) Detect bound drug typically
Selection Guideline
  • Type 1 or type 2 could be applied to detect antibody drug when having a cell-bound drug target e.g. PD1/PDL1
  • Type 1 & type 2 may both be needed when having a secret drug target e.g. TNF


High-quality Delivery

High-quality Delivery

Antibody purity > 90%
ELISA > 729K
Cross-reaction < 2%

Fast Turnaround Time

Fast Turnaround Time

8 weeks to deliver purified Anti-ID pAb
Patented express immunization technology

Extensive Expertise

Extensive Expertise

> 18 years of global service experience
> 99.5% success rate of anti-ID projects

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