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HA-tag Antibody [Biotin], pAb, Goat

*This product has been discontinued!*
Synonyms Anti-HA-tag [Biotin];
Description Goat Anti-HA-tag [Biotin] Polyclonal Antibody is highly purified from goat antiserum by immunoaffinity chromatography and then conjugated to biotin. Goat Anti-HA-tag [Biotin] Polyclonal Antibody is suitable for detecting fusion proteins that contain a HA-tag.
Host Species Goat
Antigen Species Influenza Virus
Conjugation Biotin
Immunogen YPYDVPDYA (influenza hemagglutinin-HA (epitope)) conjugated to KLH
Purification Immunoaffinity chromatography

Subclass Goat IgG
Concentration 1 mg/ml in PBS, pH 7.4, containing 1% BSA and 0.02% sodium azide
Specificity GenScript Goat Anti-HA-tag [Biotin] Polyclonal Antibody specifically recognizes HA tagged fusion proteins.
Storage The antibody is stable for 2-3 weeks if stored at 2-8°C. For long term storage, aliquot and store at -20°C or below. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing cycles.
Note Small volume of antibody will occasionally become entrapped in the cap of the vial during shipment and storage. Before use, centrifuge the vial briefly to bring down any liquid in the cap.

Working concentrations for specific applications should be determined by the investigator. The appropriate concentrations may be affected by secondary antibody affinity, antigen concentration, the sensitivity of the method of detection, temperature, the length of the incubations, and other factors. The suitability of this antibody for applications other than those listed below has not been determined. The following concentration ranges are recommended starting points for this product.
ELISA: 0.02-0.2 µg/ml.
Western blot: 0.1-1.0 µg/ml
Other applications: user-optimized

Cat. No.
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