Animal Care Standard Procedures

The following procedure is used to minimize the pain, discomfort, or distress in animals from the production of polyclonal antibody and monoclonal antibody.

Adjuvant: If complete Freund's adjuvant is used for the priming dose, incomplete Freund's adjuvant should be used for the subsequent booster injections.

Immunization: Injections is subcutaneous or, in rodents, intraperitoneal. For multiple sites, not more than 0.1 ml per site is used for mouse and rats, 0.25 ml for rabbits, 0.5 ml for sheep and goats. Sites should be well separated to prevent consolidation of inflammatory responses.

Blood Collection: Maximum withdrawal should not exceed 5 ml/kg per week or 10 ml/kg every other week for all species.

Titer Sampling Routes: For rabbits, use ear vein; for mice, use tail vein; for other species, use peripheral vessel.

Vasodilation: Do not use xylene or other inflammatory agents as vasodilating agents. Radiant heat or warm water is the recommended alternative. Anesthesia is not required for titer sampling using recommended routes.

Monitoring: Investigators assume responsibility for ensuring their animals' health through adequate monitoring. If clinical problems arise, they must consult the veterinary staff for assistance in managing them, or alternatively euthanasia their animals.

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