GenScript AmMag™ SA Plus protein and antibody purification system uses magnetic beads technology for purifying proteins and antibodies. The instrument uses twelve 50 ml tubes. In combination with our antibody or recombinant protein binding magnetic beads the system offers high throughput with high capacity. AmMag™ protein A Magnetic beads or AmMag™ Ni Magnetic beads are base stable and can be cleaned with NaOH and can be reused several times.

For secreted proteins magnetic beads may be added to the cell culture so the binding can occur during the expression. Intracellular proteins can be bound once the cell lysis is accomplished. No centrifugation or filtration are necessary saving you hours of pre-processing time.

System Features

High-throughput purification

up to 12 samples in one run

sample volumes from 2 ml to 50 ml

up to 80 mg of protein or antibody per sample

Diverse sample type



Efficient processing

purify 12 samples in less than an hour

Better Performance

Elution volumes as low as 400 µl

AmMag™ SA Plus: Save Time and Simplify Your Protocol

Traditional Resin

Sample centrifugation and filtration
Column packaging

AmMag SA

Directly add magnetic beads to samples or lysates
Wash,elute and regenerate magnetic beads using AmMag™ SA Plus in under 50 minutes!

AmMag™ SA Plus Available for DEMO

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AmMag™ SA Plus Available for DEMO
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