Recombinant protein production is not always straightforward. As many factors can impact protein expression and purification, the optimization process is usually labor-intensive and time-consuming. To address some of the uncertainties and challenges, GenScript’s protein expression experts offer custom bacterial expression services with cutting-edge solutions. Now customers can flexibly choose an option that fits their requirements, from codon optimization to gene synthesis to small-scale testing and scale-up, together with protein purification and characterization. In addition, we have developed a specialized protein refolding technology for recovering biologically functional proteins from inclusion bodies, which is available for large-scale manufacturing. High throughput E.coli expression platform offers a cost-effective option for small-scale expression to help expedite your target screening projects.

E.coli is a well-known expression system, easily genetically manipulated, that supports low-cost and high-yield production of a broad range of recombinant proteins, such as cytokines, enzymes, immunogens, and antibody fragments. Our customized workflow can meet your downstream applications. GenScript has successfully delivered more than 50,000 batches of recombinant proteins through E.coli expression system.


Optimized Enzyme for Manufacturing
Optimized Enzyme for Manufacturing
High Protein Yield> 15g/L
High Protein Yield> 15g/L
Flexible Scale up to Kg levels
Flexible Scale Up to Kg Levels

General Workflow

BacPower™ Customized Service Workflow

Service Details

Milestones Specifications Deliverables Timeline*
1 Gene synthesis, Cloning, Plasmid Prep
  • Gene synthesis and Codon optimization
  • Subcloning into appropriate expression vector
  • Plasmid Prep and DNA QC
  • Optimized gene sequence report
  • Protein in buffered solution with your specified amount & purity
  • QC data
≤2 weeks
2 Protein Expression Evaluation
  • Transform plasmids into appropriate bacterial expression strain
  • Protein expression evaluation and optimization
≤1 week
3 Protein Purification, Tag Removal (Optional) & Refolding (Optional)
  • Scale up protein expression using optimized conditions
  • Purification to reach desired protein amounts and purity
  • Tag removal and separation of tag-free protein (if requested)
  • Refolding in case of insoluble protein (performed only if required)
≤1 week
4 QC & Delivery
  • Purity analysis and Detection using SDS-PAGE and Western Blot (for tagged protein)
  • Bradford assay for quantitation
  • Protein delivery
≤1 week

*All timelines are approximate. In most cases, we deliver within 4-6 weeks. However, optional steps might prolong the overall timeline slightly.
For any large scale protein production requirements, you could try our fully customizable E. coli fermentation services. Talk to our technical account managers for more details.

Service Feature - Soluble Protein Strategies

Solution 1
Various Tag Screening
Solution 2
Standard Denaturation
Solution 3
Professional Inclusion Body Refolding Services
  • Purpose: Easily express fusion protein in soluble form
  • Feature: 11 kinds of fusion tag modifications from High Expression_pET-28 a (+)./In stock functionalized vectors with tag in N-terminal
  • Advantages: Time saving without lengthy dialysis or dilution step.
Various Tag Screening method
  • Purpose: Maintain the soluble state of the protein
  • Feature: Re-dissoluble in detergent buffer and dialysis can be provided, which protein may have no activity
  • Application: Antigen (generate antibody to western Blot generally)
  • Workflow: Expression evaluation > Scale up expression > IBs washing > IBs solubilization >Purification > Dialysis and QC
  • Purpose: Eagle to obtain active protein but failed in supernatant or other cells
  • Feature: A lot of efforts on refolding condition screening, IB treatment, purification and analysis methods, which can be more close to nature refolding with activity
  • Application: For large scale expression and refolding
  • Technical effort:
    • 17 kinds of refolding buffer screening by dilution refolding way
    • Check refolding results by reduced and non reduced SDS-PAGE, SEC-HPLC and LC-MS

Case Studies

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