GenScript's BacuVance baculovirus / Insect cell expression system was developed by our in-house team of scientists for virus production and expression of recombinant proteins from baculovirus-infected insect cells. As the largest gene synthesis supplier in the U.S., GenScript can provide you with free, advanced codon optimization specific to Sf9, Sf21, Hi-5, and S2 insect cell lines, to further enhance the expression of your protein.

There are several advantages of using baculovirus expression system over E. coli system, such as improved solubility, ability to incorporate post-translational modifications, and higher yields for secreted proteins. For customers who prefer a eukaryotic expression system, are exploring lower-cost alternatives to mammalian expression system but do not want to compromise on the overall quality of their recombinant protein, we strongly recommend considering our BacuVance baculovirus / Insect cell expression system. Using our baculovirus expression system we can establish the best possible protocol for your custom project and then scale up to get the highest expression of your target protein.

General Workflow

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Service Details

For customers who wish to establish the best possible protocol for their project and then scale up, GenScript recommends using the sophisticated platform to explore different conditions for the expression of target proteins.

Milestones Specifications Deliverables Timeline1
1 Gene synthesis and subcloning
  • Subcloning into one or more expression vectors
Construct(s) report 2 weeks
2 Virus generation
  • Generation of recombinant Bacmid DNA
  • Transfection of insect cell with recombinant Bacmid DNA
  • Generation of P1 stock (Low titer), P2 stock (High titer), and determination of virus titer by Quantitative-PCR
  • Verify the protein expression for P1 and P2 generation by western blot with anti-His/GST or other antibody
5 ml, >107 pfu/ml virus stock 2–3 weeks
3 Pilot expression evaluation
  • Infection of insect cells with P2 stock
  • One step affinity purification
    SDS-PAGE gel and Western blot
Expression data 1.5 weeks
4 1 L expression and purification
  • 1 L insect cell expression and purification
  • One-step purification
  • QC by SDS-PAGE, Western blot2, and LC-MS/MS coverage2
Purified proteins
QC data
1–2 weeks

1. Listed is the typical turnaround time at GenScript. Please note that additional requirements may incur additional steps, and likewise longer processing time.
2. Other QC data, such as LC-MS/MS coverage, N-terminal sequencing and LC-MASS are available with additional charge.

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