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Sequence Input
  • Length: Up to 200,000 bp
  • Format: Nucleotide or Amino acid sequences
Cloning Options
  • Vectors: Choose from GenScript Clone Vectors, Expression Vectors, or your Vectors
  • Cloning Methods: Choose from restriction cloning, or seamless cloning
Plasmid DNA Options
Turnaround Time Options
From 72 hours
The Fastest
From 5 Business Days
Most Popular
From 9 Business Days
Best Value

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Sequence inputSequence
Clone setup and codon optimization  Clone Setup &
Codon optimization
Plasmid Setup & Add-ons Plasmid Setup &
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Order gene synthesis via GenSmart™ 2.0 with ease

Order gene synthesis via GenSmart™ 2.0 with ease

  • Utilize the best-in-class codon optimization algorithm to optimize your sequence
  • Select the most suitable gene synthesis, cloning, plasmid DNA preparation, and add-on services for your applications
  • Receive estimated pricing and turnaround time
  • Get an instant quote and place your order

Terms and Conditions

  • GenScript Biotech Inc. reserves all the rights to this promotion.
  • The promotion is valid from 10/31/2023 to 12/31/2023.
  • The promotion is valid for North America and Asia Pacific regions. Please contact your account managers for your exclusive offers.
  • The above discounts and pricing apply to upgraded gene synthesis (SC0001), cloning (SC0002) and plasmid DNA preparation (SC0003) only. The original minimal charges apply. Please contact your account managers for more promotion details.
  • The promotion cannot be combined with other discounts, coupons, or any pre-arranged pricing agreements.

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