What Is Bioengineering?

As an emerging, interdisciplinary field, bioengineering seeks to make the design, construction and optimization of biological systems easier, more predictable, and reliable. By using engineering principles to transform biology by creating and developing bio-based therapeutics, chemicals, materials, as well as new sources of food and energy, bioengineering ultimately improves our lives and preserves our natural environment.

Successful development of novel metabolic pathways, proteins, and antibodies is often achieved through the design, assembly and high throughput screening of candidates. While rewarding, these endeavors can often be labor intensive and daunting. See how GenScript’s comprehensive molecular biology, protein, and antibody service portfolios helps maximize the success of your bioengineering research projects!

Pathway Engineering
Antibody & Protein Engineering

Pathway engineering requires the use of biological data and engineering principles to assemble intricate metabolic pathways and genetic circuits in order to optimize metabolite yield of natural systems or create novel biological systems to produce exogenous metabolites.

However, designing, building, and optimizing these circuits is challenging and a series of difficulties can occur including lack of proper characterization of components to build a system and overcoming complex interactions involved in cellular metabolism. To overcome the challenges in building and optimizing pathways, GenScript has developed a proprietary assembly platform to strategically and seamlessly assemble large constructs with multiple components as well as provide comprehensive services to accelerate the pathway discovery and optimization process.

Discover how GenScript services can help in the designing, building, and optimization of metabolic pathways and genetic circuits.

Pathway Engineering Solutions

When it comes to antibody and protein engineering, it may mean differently to different groups of researchers, but they all include rational design and/or directed evolution to achieve some enhanced properties of proteins and antibodies (such as the binding affinity, stability, etc.).

Find out how outsourcing to GenScript, the industry leading CRO, will facilitate your antibody and protein engineering projects with antibody discovery, precision mutant libraries, high throughput gene to antibody expression, and much more.

Antibody & Protein Engineering Solutions


Applications of bioengineering are diverse and rapidly-growing. Browse through the following list to learn more about major applications of bioengineering in various industries and sectors, and the way they are impacting the life of humans, animals, plants and the Earth.



Customer Testimonial

Nassos Alevizopoulos, PhD, MBA Nassos Alevizopoulos, PhD, MBA

CEO & Chairman
TheraPten Biosciences Inc.

We’ve been working closely with GenScript for over two years now developing our protein drug (cDNA synthesis, protein expression, purification, potency assay development, Ab generation & qualification) We’ve been impressed by the level of technical capability, ultra-fast turnaround time and reasonable pricing under fee-for-service. I recently visited their R&D Center in Nanjing where I witnessed firsthand GenScript’s ultra-modern infrastructure and an entire team of smiling, motivated, knowledgeable people. For a small company like ours, working with GenScript has been extremely beneficial.



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