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Biomolecular Interaction Analysis Services

Biomolecular Interaction Analysis Services

Biomolecular Interaction Analysis Services

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is an invaluable tool to characterize real-time molecule – molecule interaction such as affinity and kinetics analysis. With strong expertise, extensive experience, proprietary high throughput screening and affinity ranking technology and a powerful BIAcore T200 in hand, we are capable of satisfying your demands in SPR services in any type, including affinity ranking, affinity measurement and kinetics measurement. GenScript 's Biomolecular Interaction Analysis Services deliver analysis data with high accuracy, reasonable price and high speed.

Key Features:

Affinity Ranking Service

Affinity Ranking Contents Prices Timeline
Experiment Setup
Include ranking of first five samples
Please Quote
1-2 weeks
Additional Samples
6-25 samples
Please Quote
26-50 samples
51-100 samples
Above 100 samples

† Only when capture method is available

Kinetics Measurement Service

Kinetics Measurement Contents Prices Timeline
Single pair kinetics measurement
1 pair
Please Quote
1-2 weeks
2-5 pairs
Please Quote
6-15 pairs
>15 pairs
Multiple antibodies to the same antigen
Monovalent Fab/scFv is available
Please Quote
Antigen is monovalent
None of the above *

* Only apparent affinity will be provided

Client provides:

You need to ship your ligand/analyte pair (≥200μg, purity ≥90%) at -20°C or below to GenScript.

GenScript delivers:

Final report with detailed work performance, affinity ranking data and/or kinetics data

1. Sensorgrams of Binding
Fig. 1. Sensorgrams of binding of an antibody to an antigen (green solid lines) in a large range of concentrations and their nearly perfect fitting to the 1:1 binding model (red dashed lines).

2. Dissociation Rate Ranking
Dissociation Rates
Fig. 2. Ranking of dissociation rates of 48 antibody protein binders to an antigen.

GenScript offers our customers a one-stop solution for all outsourcing needs, providing comprehensive upstream and downstream services of Biomolecular Interaction Analysis Services.

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