The Most Challenging Points for Antibody Drug Pipelines

GenScript's Strength

GenScript’s solutions aim to support your antibody drug discovery and development via a simple but specialized process. We have integrated a series of precise and consistent scalable solutions to facilitate each principal milestone in antibody-drug discovery, combining speed and quality towards IND.

Roadmap of Antibody Drug Discovery Solutions

Roadmap Highlights & Case Studies

  • Target Discovery

  • Lead Generation

  • Lead Identification & Optimization

  • Preclinical Stage

Therapeutic targets are identified and characterized through different approaches (e.g., bioinformatics, genetic association, expression profile, functional screening, etc.) to demonstrate how their modulation affects disease states, thus revealing their direct involvement in pathogenesis. Screening drug targets is a crucial starting point in the target discovery milestone. Furthermore, the success of target screening directly affects the downstream steps leading to drug development. Therefore, to ensure success, the following questions must be addressed: 1) What role do target molecules play in upstream and downstream pathways? 2) How are genes encoding target molecules and related proteins transcriptionally regulated? GenScript can provide customized and complete molecular solutions from gene synthesis and expression-plasmid construction to high-throughput screening library, virus packaging, and assay cell line generation to help scientists worldwide expedite the target discovery process.

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