Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPPs), also called Trojan Peptides, are a family of short peptides with a highly hydrophilic property and are able to cross the plasma membrane. Multiple cell penetrating peptides have been discovered and designed to facilitate cellular uptake of various molecules cargos, such as RNA/DNA, peptides, PNA, radioisotopes, liposomes, nanoparticles and even large proteins.

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Therapeutic Strategies and Clinical Significance of Cell Penetrating Peptides
Therapeutic Strategies and Clinical Significance of Cell Penetrating Peptides:
  • Mechanism of CPP Cellular Uptake
  • Design of CPP-Cargo Conjugations
  • CPP-based Strategies for Delivery of Therapeutic Molecules
  • CPP-derived Therapeutics in Pre-clinical and Clinical Trials

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  • Synthesis of stable peptides with less susceptibility to degradation
  • Ideal peptidomimetics for drug discovery



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