Cell Banking Service (SC1316)

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Modern drug discovery projects are usually involved with many molecular targets. Some of these targets are associated with live cells and use of the targets in compound screening requires active target functions in a live, functional cellular environment. Therefore, drug discovery teams normally produce, often in large quantities, a collection of functional cells with designated drug target expressed on the cell surface or inside the cell that can readily interact with testing drug compounds and triggers a serious of cell cellular events. The processing of preparation of quantities of cell populations with one or more functional assurance is the process of Cell Banking.

GenScript's Cell Banking Service provides enough frozen vials, which will provide the consistent performance over time. Additionally, our multiple and continuous function assays as QC for validation offer a reliable and consistent platform for early drug discovery.

GenSrcipt's committed team with rich experience in Cell Banking Service is your best choice for outsourcing partner.

Key Advantages:

Standard timeline for preparation of cell populations (For example: from 107 to 10 10 cells)

Different timeline is required for individual case, please quote specifically.

QC/QA for Cell Banking:

  1. Mycoplasma test
  2. Cell viability test
  3. Cell-based function assays and radioligand binding assays available for QC: Calcium mobilization assay for GPCR, Fluorescence-based assay, patch clamp for ion channel stable cell lines, etc.
  4. (Charge on function assays is reqiured. In some cases, it could be waived, depending on the scale of Cell Banking Service and also the complexity of function assays. Please quote specifically.)

One-Stop Assay: from Gene synthesis to Cell banking production to Additional services

Frozen Cells Preparation of HEK293/hNaV (Scale: 1 x 1010 cells)

Fig 1. Cell growth curve or doubling time measurement. Continuously cell health monitoring in the process of cell bank –including growth curve(shown above), morphology, and viability. Fig2. Representative hNav functional measurement by using membrane potential dye at different stages of cell banking. Functional assay to ensure cell quality (membrane potential dye assay on hNav).

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