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Catalog Products » Other Products » Chemicals » PCR reagents/dNTPs » dNTP (25 mM each) ≥99% HPLC

dNTP (25 mM each) ≥99% HPLC

Description 25 mM dNTP Mix is suitable for use in PCR, sequencing, nick translation, fill-in, cDNA synthesis, TdT tailing reactions, and dilution of radiolabeled dNTPs. These nucleotides are supplied as convenient, ready-to-use solutions in sterilized water. The 25 mM dNTP Mix contains all four of the dNTPs, each at a final concentration of 25 mM.

Storage Stable at -20°C. Always avoid freeze-thaw cycles or exposure to frequent temperature changes.

Robinson MD., etc. Genetic Variation of Wheat streak mosaic virus in the United States Pacific Northwest. Phytopathology. 2013 Jan;103(1):98-104.

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Cat. No. C01581
50 ml (50ml/bottle) $1600.00
250 ml (250.0ml/bottle) $7500.00
10 ml (10.0ml/vial) $360.00
1 ml(1.0ml/vial) $45.00