Start your new biotech with GenScript's Accelerator Program - The CHOsen One. Biopharmaceutical and biotech start-up companies face many challenges - intense funding, limited resources, urgent timeline, and the pressure to move pipelines forward. Understanding the toughness of start-ups, GenScript is committed to providing supports through cutting-edge technology and financial assistance. GenScript is here to guarantee your success in antibody expression on schedule and within budget.

GenScript’s escalating TurboCHO™ platform, partnered with ‘The CHOsen One’ Accelerator Program, ensures high yield and rapid antibody production. This cost-effective platform accommodates antibody production at various scales, ensuring consistency and enhancing the value in target discovery and pre-evaluation pipelines. Dedicated customer service and professional support will be available to fully assist you during your local business hours for timely communication.

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Antibody expression is a crucial process in biologic drug discovery. However, start-ups and new labs often face urgent timelines and limited funding when it comes to expressing the target antibodies.

GenScript is here to guarantee your success in antibody expression on schedule and within budget. We can produce the target antibodies starting at 5 business days. Furthermore, we are pleased to provide start-ups and new labs with a coupon valued up to $1000. A project can have $100 off for every $500, with a maximum discount of $1000. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer!

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Start-ups and new labs need to be new GenScript TurboCHO™ customers and actively participate in this program.

How to get the coupon?

  • Submit the form below and get in touch with GenScript.
  • Our team members will confirm your information and evaluate the project.
  • Based on your project, we will credit your account with a coupon worth up to $1000, which you can apply to your upcoming antibody expression project.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • The coupon is valid for 6 months upon receipt.
  • This coupon is not valid in conjunction with any other discount, promotions, or special offers.
  • Grant recipients must be willing to engage in our marketing activities, such as sharing their feedbacks on the GenScript website and official social media channels.
  • GenScript reserves the right of final explanation for details governing this CHOsen one program.

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