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Combinatorial DNA Library Services

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Combinatorial DNA libraries are powerful, high-throughput tools used in a variety of applications, including metabolic pathway and microbial strain engineering for optimizing biological systems and producing high-value chemicals, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, and sustainable food. Combinatorial DNA libraries, or combinatorial assembly libraries, are made as a set of predefined DNA parts strategically assembled in a specific arrangement.

Built on our advanced, high-throughput platforms and world-renowned expertise in gene synthesis, GenScript offers comprehensive combinatorial DNA library services to accelerate the build phase of your “design, build, exam & learn” development cycle so you can efficiently move through the process of optimizing or developing bio-based products.


Service Features

Pooled Library Representative Library Arrayed Library
Description Each construct contains up to 4 variable slots for inserts of up to 15 kb total length, cloned into pUC57 or custom vector with up to 4 μg in quantity
A mixed pool of up to 108 different constructs, delivered in 1.5 ml tubes Up to 10,000 individual, randomly-picked constructs out of a pool of assembled constructs, delivered in 1.5 ml tubes or 96-well plates Up to 10,000 individual, precisely-assembled constructs based on the exact design, delivered in 1.5 ml tubes or 96-well plates
Quality Control
  • PCR verification of more than 48 clones to determine positive rate
  • Sequence verification of 24 positive clones with a guarantee on more than 85% diversity
  • PCR verification of all delivered constructs containing all designed parts
  • Sequence verification of 24 positive clones with a guarantee on more than 85% diversity
  • Sequence verification of all delivered constructs
  • >104 throughput screening
  • For screening platforms that are not sensitive to the presence of negative clones
  • 102 - 104 throughput screening
  • Screening a pool of individual constructs with no concern for the presence of exact sequence in each clone
  • Testing every single design in your library
How to Order Pooled Library Quote/Order Request Form (.xlsx) Representative Library Quote/Order Request Form (.xlsx) Arrayed Library Quote/Order Request Form (.xlsx)

You can use our custom-built combinatorial DNA libraries in a variety of applications across many disciplines of life sciences, from plant biology to drug development. The following lists three major areas of combinatorial DNA library applications:

Synthetic Biology

  • Metabolic Pathway and Microbial Strain Engineering: screen and optimize your synthetic molecular pathways to develop the most efficient metabolic gene circuits for chemical, drug, and biofuel production.
  • Genome Engineering: screen high-throughput libraries of synthetic nuclease- or CRISPR/Cas9-based constructs for highly effective genome editing.

Protein Engineering

  • Create new multi-domain proteins for structural or functional screening.
  • Optimize protein function through directed evolution.
  • Generate recombinant protein or chimeric antibody libraries for high-throughput screening for biologic drug discovery and development.

Gene Expression Regulation

  • Determine the optimal combination of promoter, ribosome binding site, terminator, and other regulatory elements for your construct or expression system.
  • Create a library of reporter-gene constructs for systematic promoter analysis.
  • Express any gene of interest under the control of different promoters, e.g. for inducible or tissue-specific manipulation of lethal or developmentally vital genes.

Technical Support, Quote & Ordering Information

To discuss your project with our Ph.D. scientists and choose the best service for expediting the build phase of your project, contact us 24/7 via: