What Is the cPass™ Technology?

The cPass™ technology allows for the rapid detection of total neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) in a sample by mimicking the interaction between the virus and the host cell. In order for a virus to infect a host cell, a viral receptor binding protein (RBD) first needs to interact with the host cell's membrane receptor protein (ACE2).

Virus-cell Interaction

The virus-host interaction and subsequent viral infection of the host cell leads to the activation of an individual's immune response which generates a population of antibodies against the virus. Some of these antibodies can bind to the virus, but not necessarily block viral infection. Other antibodies can bind to the RBD in a way that blocks the interaction with the ACE2 receptor. The cPass™ technology helps to distinguish whether a sample contains NAbs that may specifically block the interaction and therefore the viral entry into the host cell.

cPass™ SARS CoV-2 Antibody Detection

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GenScript SARS-CoV-2 sVNT Kit

The GenScript cPass™ SARS-CoV-2 Neutralization Antibody Detection Kit, also known as SARS-CoV-2 Surrogate Virus Neutralization Test (sVNT) Kit, is the first-in-the-world "rapid smart test kit", with the capability of measuring functional neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) within an hour in most research or clinical labs.

Why Choose the cPass™ Technology?

The gold standard (virus neutralization assay) test for measuring NAbs requires the use of live virus, cells, highly skilled operators, and complex safety laboratory procedures (biosafety level 3) that are generally less sensitive and require several days to obtain results. In contrast, the cPass™ Neutralization Antibody Detection Kit can be rapidly conducted within an hour in most labs, and is also amenable to high throughput and fully automated testing.

Another key advantage of the cPass™ technology is that it is a highly specific and sensitive and in the same time isotype- and species-independent. Current antibody tests on the market are typically isotype-specific for just IgM or IgG, species specific for human antibodies only and cannot distinguish NAbs from other binding antibodies which do not possess neutralizing function.


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Key Benefits

Species Independent

Not limited to human samples, test is applicable to any species

Species Independent

Safe and Accessible

No biohazard facility required making it highly accessible to global scientific community

Safe and Accessible


Can be easily adapted for high throughput automated testing


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