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Custom Antibody Generation Service Portfolio

Can’t find an antibody to work in your application? Our award-winning services can help you generate the antibody you need!

Antibodies are indispensable research tools that have enabled researchers across diverse scientific fields to specify, identify, locate and/or quantify their protein targets. As an award-winning custom antibody supplier with over 8,000 monoclonal and 40,000 polyclonal antibodies generated to date, GenScript offers a comprehensive antibody production and service portfolio. From antigen design through to custom antibody generation, our expert scientists and talented technical support team have got you covered all the way!

SARS-CoV-2 control mAbs available on demand (validated for neutralizing function, ELISA, WB & FACS). New!

A one-stop shop for all your antibody generation needs

2018 CiteAb award winner for most popular custom antibody supplier

24-hour Ph.D-level technical support

We also offer an array of specialized services such as phospho-specific antibody and immunoassay development services. Learn more here

We are currently welcoming beta testers for our custom ELISA kit development service. To learn more, click here.

GenScript is committed to responsible animal care and use. All our antibodies are generated in GenScript's AAALAC and OLAW certified animal facilities (Assurance number: A5892-01, verify at official OLAW website).


What is your experiment goal?

Protein localization



Custom mAb


Fluorescent labeling

Protein expression & interactions

Western Blot & IP

Custom mAb

Custom pAb

PolyExpress™ pAb

Protein detection & quantitation


Custom mAb

Anti-idiotype Ab

Ab labeling

Protein identification & quantitation

Mass Spectrometry

Custom mAb

See how researchers have put GenScript's custom antibodies to use by exploring our citations database!


Featured Video | Learn About the Latest Upgrade to MonoRab™, GenScript's Premier Rabbit mAb Generation Platform

Dr. Samantha Zaroff, Global Product Manager of Reagent Antibody Services at GenScript, shares the latest insight into MonoRab™, our recently upgraded, expert-developed, rabbit mAb generation platform that yields the most antibody clones for your application.

White Paper Series on Antibody Generation

White Paper Series on Antibody Generation

Learn about antibody generation and the differences between modern antibody production methods

Free Download
MonoRab White Paper

MonoRab™ White Paper

Learn all about the extraordinary specificity & affinity of rabbit mAbs

Free Download
Customer pAb Case Study

Customer pAb Case Study

Learn how polyclonal antibodies maximize your chances of detecting novel target proteins

Read about it here!

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