Struggling to find a monoclonal antibody (mAb) for your research application but unsure about using a custom mAb generation service? At GenScript, we prioritize your scientific success and are here to help. If you have issues with antibody performance, or if no commercial mAb exists for your target antigen, a custom mAb may just be the solution to your problems. Our award-winning, fully custom mAb packages can be tailored to best suit your research needs so that you receive the most number of high-quality antibody clones for your downstream applications!


Guaranteed results

ELISA & Western blot guaranteed
packages available

Expert-guided custom
project design

Proprietary technologies & 24 h Ph.D.-level technical support

Fast turnaround time

Get mAbs up to 3 weeks faster than our competitors

Key Service Features

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Advanced immunization technology

Using our OptimumAntigen design tool and ImmunoPlus, our proprietary immunization technology, we increase the success of generating mAbs with high specificity and affinity.

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Certified facility

Our AAALAC International accreditation and OLAW certification demonstrates our commitment to responsible animal care and use..

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Guaranteed results

ELISA titer and Western blot guaranteed packages available.

Antibody Figure 3

Fast turnaround time

Delivery of monoclonal antibodies 3 weeks faster than our competitors.

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Strict confidentiality

No project-associated information and products will be disclosed to anyone except the project owner.

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Zero setup fee

Our confidence and near 100% success rate limit the risk to you.


GenScript has a proven track record of successful custom mAb generation and utilizes a range of proprietary technologies to maximize your chances of generating mAbs of high specificity and affinity. Our custom mAb services can be adapted to cater to all levels of project complexity.

How to Choose Suitable Monoclonal Antibody Service

Our customizable service options can handle all levels of project complexity. Whether you have a simple or challenging antigen, need a few or many mAb clones, or have specific screening requirements, rest assured that our antibody experts will do their best to tailor a custom mAb project to perfectly suit your research requirements.

Get started with our service selection guide below, or get in touch with us here.

Project complexity and Recommended mAb generation service


Simple antigen

Several mAb clones needed

No counter screening required


Specific immunization requirements

Many mAb clones needed

Counter screening required


Challenging antigen

Specific immunization requirements

Many mAb clones needed

Counter & additional screening required

Antibody pairing

Our talented Ph.D.-level technical support team is available 24 hours a day to address any questions you might have regarding developing a custom mAb project.



Antigen information

Desired mAb clone number

Target research application



Antigen design & production (optional)

Develop project-specific mAb generation strategy

Application-tailored mAb clone screening

Case Studies

Review some of our helpful antibody-related technical resources here!

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Additional Services

We also offer specialized services such as phospho-specific and anti-idiotype antibody development.

Quotation and Ordering

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours Monday through Friday. You may contact us anytime for assistance. Orders can be placed online, over the phone, by email or fax. Please have your payment information (credit card, purchase order or bank information) ready.

Fill out the online form and email to [email protected]
A Technical Account Manager will reply you within 24 hours to finalize the quote
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Production of your project begins immediately
A Project Manager is in contact with you during the production process to give updates



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