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A novel rabbit mAb discovery platform that delivers antibodies of high target specificity & affinity for your research application!

As a global leader in custom mAb generation, GenScript's MonoRab™ technology is able to generate a large number of high-quality rabbit mAbs to maximize the success of identifying mAbs perfect for your specific research application(s). Our advanced, proprietary rabbit mAb discovery technology involves the isolation and cloning of rabbit B cells, and capitalizes on the rabbit's natural ability to generate high-specificity, high-affinity mAbs towards a wide range of difficult targets such as small molecules, Ab drugs, and even antigens that are non-immunogenic in mice.

Identify the top mAbs for your application by testing them in-house!

High clone number delivery & industry-leading turnaround times!

Dedicated Ph.D.-level project managers & 24 h technical support


MonoRab™ is a full-scale, comprehensive antibody generation service which harnesses GenScript's advanced expertise in rabbit mAb discovery. With our proprietary immunization and B cell cloning technologies, we are able to generate a large number of diverse, high-affinity rabbit mAbs towards your target antigen with industry-leading turnaround times and highly competitive pricing.

Service Details

In addition to customizing a MonoRab™ package tailored specifically to your needs, we also offer comprehensive antigen design and production services.

Phase Description Timeline Deliverables
I) Animal Immunization 4 rabbits (express or conventional immunization) Express: 5 - 6 weeks Conventional: 8 - 10 weeks • Antiserum report
• Small scale pAb purification (optional)
II) B Cell Cloning and Screening 1 round of B cell cloning 3 weeks • Positive clones report
• 1 ml B cell supernatant delivery, up to 50 clones (optional)
Additional screening and increased clone number delivery options available
III) Antibody Sequencing & Small Scale Transfection Sequencing of 5 customer-selected clones, followed by small scale rAb expression 3 weeks • Sequence reports
• Up to 5 rAb supernatants (2 ml), or purified rAb (0.1 mg)
Additional sequencing and supernatant delivery options available
IV) Recombinant Antibody Production Scalable expression of selected recombinant rabbit mAbs 3 weeks • Sequencing report
• Purified antibody



Did You Know, GenScript Offers Custom Antibody Services for Basic Research, Diagnostics , & Therapeutic Antibody Discovery!

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