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Stop letting low specificity antibodies ruin your experiments!


A novel Rabbit mAb Discovery Platform that delivers the Most Clones for your application!

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GenScript's MonoRab™ technology generates a large number of high quality rabbit monoclonal antibodies for any application. Our proprietary hetero-hybridoma methodology includes an optimized fusion partner to improve overall fusion efficiency while utilizing the rabbit's natural ability to generate high specificity, high affinity mAb's against a wide range of difficult targets such as small molecules, Ab drugs, and even antigens that are non-immunogenic in mice.

Delivery of up to 10 different mAb sequences

Highly cost effective with clone number guarantees

Expert level downstream rAb expression services

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MonoRab™ is a full-scale service which combines GenScript's expertise in peptide generation, molecular biology, recombinant protein expression, and antibody discovery. Through GenScript's novel antibody generation technology, MonoRab™ is able to produce large scales of recombinant antibodies while maintaining native antibody chains at a highly competitive price.

Service Details

Phase Description Timeframe Deliverables
Antigen Design GenScript-generated or customer-supplied protein or peptide with conjugation 1-6 Wks GenScript-generated peptide (2 mg) or protein (0.2mg)
Immunization Immunization of 4 New Zealand White Rabbits followed by pAb screening 8-10 Wks Antiserum report & 0.1 mg purified pAb/rabbit
Cell Fusion & Screening One electrofusion from customer-chosen rabbit followed by ELISA screening to identify positive clones 2-3 Wks Positive clones report
Sequencing & Small Scale rAb Expression Antibody sequencing of 10 positive clones followed by small scale rAb expression 4-6 Wks Sequence report & rAb supernatants or 0.1mg purified rAb for up to 10 clones
Large Scale Expression Customer chosen sequences used for large scale rAb expression (0.1 mg-10 mg) 4-6 Wks Sequencing report & purified antibody



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