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Increase mAb Specificity with GenScripts Premier Rabbit mAb Generation Service.
Perfect fit for Anti-ID and IVD Applications!

MonoRab™ Custom Rabbit mAb Generation Service

MonoRab™ Rabbit monoclonal antibody generation Services

GenScript's MonoRab™ technology generates high quality rabbit monoclonal antibodies for a price that is 50-80% less than our closest competitor. Our proprietary hetero-hybridoma methodology includes an optimized fusion partner to improve overall fusion efficiency while utilizing the rabbit's natural ability to generate high specificity, high affinity mAb's against a wide range of difficult targets such as small molecules, Ab drugs, and even antigens non-immunogenic in mice.

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MonoRab™ is a full scale service including antigen preparation, rabbit immunization, recombinant antibody production, and antibody sequencing; ensuring ultimate levels of reproducibility and mAb purification. Talk to our technical specialists today to learn why GenScript's MonoRab™ service is perfect for everything from basic research,to in vitro diagnostics (IVD), anti-idiotype (Anti-ID) mAb generation, and more. Get a quote to let GenScript help make your research easy today!

Milestone Details Times (weeks)
Immunogen preparation
  • Antigen production
  • KLH conjugation for peptide Ag
Animal Immunization
  • New Zealand White Rabbit
  • 2 Animals/group
  • # groups optional
Cell Fusion, Screening, Subcloning & Ab Sequencing
  • 1 Electro fusion of up to 150 96- well plates
  • ELISA supernatant screening
  • Subcloning
  • V-region sequencing of up to 10 monoclones
  • Up to 10 parental clones selected for customer analysis
  • Up to 5 clones selected by Client
FREE Epitope Binning
  • Free epitope binning service included in every MonoRab™ purchase
  • Service includes epitope binning on 5 monoRab™ chosen after in house screening
Optional Recombinant Ab Production
  • Up to 5 clones selected by client
  • Ab expression and purification from plasmid
  • QC with ELISA, SDS-PAGE, & OD280nm
Included QC/Validation
High Throughout ELISA
High Throughput FACS Analysis
Epitope Binning
OD280 nm
Milestone Deliverables
Immunogen preparation Isolated protein or peptide
Animal Immunization Test bleed report OR 5 mL sample after 3rd boost
Cell Fusion, Screening, Subcloning & Ab Sequencing
  • Up to 10 supernatants sent to customer for in house analysis
  • mAb sequencing report for up to 5 clones with supernatant
FREE Epitope Binning Epitope binning report
Recombinant Ab Production 1 mg purified Ab for each clone
Milestone Mid-Project Options
Immunogen preparation  
Animal Immunization
  • Modify immunization strategy
  • Proceed with fusion
Cell Fusion, Screening, Subcloning & Ab Sequencing
  • Alter screening
  • Select up to 5 monoclones for sequencing
  • Continue with other services: Ab screening, Ab production, ect
FREE Epitope Binning  
Recombinant Ab Production  
Application Description
Exceptional Immunization with Difficult Antigens
  • Nanobodies
  • Small molecules
  • Extremely similar epitopes
  • Non-immunogenic in mice
  • Phosphorylated antigens
Perfect for use in In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)
  • Immuno-detection of drug compounds in serum or other biological samples
  • Immunoassay development for therapeutic antibody development
Incomparable Anti-Idiotype (Anti-ID) mAb Generation
  • Ab targeting the Ag binding site of another Ab
  • Tracking Ab drug in serum or biological fluid
  • Powerful for Ab drug PK, PD, and immunogenicity studies
  • A

  • B

  • C

  • D

A The cross reactivity rate of GenScript produced anti-Ractopamine (small molecule) rabbit mAb is 0.0304%, showing low cross reactivity rates with similar compounds.
B GenScript produced anti-idiotype rabbit mAb 90G12F8 binds with Pembrolizumab (mAb drug) with an EC50 of 5.001 ng/ml as shown via ELISA.
C Genscript produced N-Terminal anti-flag-tag rabbit (section 1) mAb shows higher specificity and affinity than those produced in mouse (section 2) as shown via western blot.
D GenScript produced anti-idiotype rabbit mAb 90G12F8 has a KD valu e of 2.3x10-12 M against the antibody drug (Pembrolizumab) as shown via ELISA.

MonoRab™ Rabbit monoclonal antibody generation Services

Quotations and Ordering

MonoRab™ Rabbit monoclonal antibody generation Services

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