Cyclic peptides are commonly used for diagnostics and vaccine development. Compared with straight-chain peptides, cyclic peptides have better conformational stability, target affinity, and improved selectivity. GenScript now offers compressive types of cyclic peptides up to kg levels to help accelerate your peptide therapeutic development projects.


Track Records
Track Records
  • Thousands of cyclic peptides delivered each year
  • 9 cases of process development projects
  • 2 cases of IND (CMC) projects
Proprietary Technology Platforms
Proprietary Technology Platforms
  • PepPower™ & PepHTS™ proprietary platform
  • >20 types of cyclization
Industry-leading speed
Industry-leading speed
  • Deliver in as fast as 6 business days*

GenScript Offers Multiple Types of Cyclic Peptides

GenScript Offers Multiple Types of Cyclic Peptides

Cyclic Peptide Specifications

Types Sequence Length Quantity Purity** QC Reports Free Solubility Testing TFA Removal Add-on Service Options
One Disulfide Bond 10-60AA µg to kg ≥70% to ≥98% MS and HPLC for cyclization verification Free for Ultrapure water, 1 × DPBS(pH 7.1±0.1), DMSO Standard & Guaranteed Service
  • Endotoxin control & analysis
  • Nitrogen analysis
  • Amino acid analysis
  • Moisture content analysis
  • NMR analysis
  • HPLC-UV-fluorescence
  • Residual solvent testing and so on.
Two Disulfide Bonds Up to 35AA
Three Disulfide Bonds µg to mg
Bicyclic Up to 30 AA
Stapled Peptide
Dimer Up to 40 AA
Head to Tail Cyclization Up to 50 AA µg to kg
Side chain to Side Chain Cyclization

* Turnaround time includes all business days from order confirmation to completion, not including shipping time.
** Purity indicates the percentage of cyclized peptide in the ratio to the total product.
Note: Enquiries on other types of cyclization are welcome.

Cyclic libraries service consists of head-to-tail cyclic peptides or cyclic peptides with one disulfide bond available now!

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Your peptides will arrive as lyophilized powder with following features:

HPLC and MS Reports for Each Peptide

ArgonShield Packaging

Certificate of Analysis: pThe appearance, quantity, molecular weight and purity of each peptide will be analyzed and included in the Certificate of Analysis report.

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