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GenDECL™ Kit

DNA-Encoded Chemical Library for Hit Identification

GenDECL Technology

GenScript's new DNA Encoded Chemical Library (GenDECL) kit will revolutionize your pharmaceutical hit discovery and chemical biology research. In partnership with a leading technology expert, GenScript has developed this ready-to-use, commercially accessible GenDECL kit. This kit is a promising tool for fueling drug discovery efforts, consisting of a collection of 18 libraries with over 400 million chemical molecules that are encoded with amplifiable, unique DNA barcodes. The molecule constructs are developed to mimic molecule structures that have been identified in the drug development industry.

A merge between DNA-encoding and combinatorial chemistry, the GenDECL kit is suitable for large-scale screening. Offering convenience, affordability, and reliability, scientists can skip complex chemical library development, synthesis and analysis by leveraging the GenDECL kit. The GenDECL screening against the target protein can be conducted in a single test tube, using common laboratory equipment.


Accessible and Affordable

The GenDECL kit is a reliable, accessible and affordable kit.

Diverse Compound Library

Chemical Library consists of a collection of 18 libraries - over 400 million diverse molecules.

Analysis Included

Conducted by industry expert and included as part of the GenDECL solution.


GenScript's DNA-encoded Chemical Library Kit – GenDECL

4 vials (5nmol concentration)
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