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Drug Discovery Services

GenScript offers comprehensive solutions to facilitate your drug discovery with high efficiency. As one of the world's leading biotech companies, our spectrum of catalog products and custom reagent services can meet all of your needs in the target identification and validation stage. Meanwhile, we have established a comprehensive drug discovery platform to integrate antibody generation, antibody engineering and antibody production technologies. GenScript has over 10 years of experience in therapeutic antibody discovery. Let us generate and select your high potential leads, ensuring you a successful start with your project.

Target assessment & validation

Gene synthesis, Peptide synthesis

Antibody production, Protein production

Cell line engineering, CRISPR gene editing

Endotoxin detection& removal system

  Hit generation & lead selection

Hybridoma development

Lead optimization

High Throughput Ab production

Mammalian transient expression

Antibody sequencing, Humanization

  Candidate selection

Large scale mammalian expression

Stable cell line development

Anti-idiotype antibody

Drug Development Services

GenScript also provides our clients worldwide with the expertise, quality and capacities to continue the biologics development from DNA to production cell line and process development. By using our CHO cell line development platform, high productivity stable cell line can be identified in 19 weeks. Combining developed serum free medium, the productivity can achieve gram level consistently.

Production cell line development

CHO-DHFR cell line development

CHO-GS cell line development

  Process development

Upstream process development

Downstream process development

Antibody isolation & purification system

Bio-Testing Services

GenScript offers a comprehensive functional in vitro assay platform, using fluorometry, radioactivity, electrophysiology and cell-based assays. We are equipped to perform high throughput screening and can customize primary assays, secondary assays and specificity assays to assist identification and confirmation of "hits", lead optimization and generating drug candidates for development.

GenScript also provides in vivo drug efficacy evaluation, pharmacokinetic studies, toxicity assessment and biomarker & bioanalysis services. Our animal facilities are AAALAC and OLAW accredited and our team of seasoned scientists can help you design and execute your project in a timely and professional manner.

In vitro pharmacology

Stable Cell Lines for Assay Development


GPCR Target Solutions

Protease Target Solutions

Tumor Cell Line Profiling Assays

  In vivo pharmacology

Fibrotic Disease Models (Liver, Lung, and Kidney)

Tumor Oncology Models

Pharmacokinetic Study

Toxicity Assessment

Protein Characterization

HPLC-MS solutions