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Value added tool promotion

1,000 Coupons Only!

Gene Synthesis at $0.15/bp

First come, first served!

As the No. 1 gene synthesis supplier, GenScript is upgrading its gene synthesis service in November, 2020. Up to date, our DNA synthesis services have helped the implementation of over 60,000 projects. To ensure the faster and stable delivery of synthetic DNA, the production process is well streamlined by the utilization of advanced and sophisticated technologies, which consequently enables the providing with the upgraded and optimized package namely Economy Gene Synthesis.

We are happy that we keep facilitating the research of global scientists and grow with the scientific community. Thus, it’s our honor to give back to the community. The biggest sales on gene synthesis is coming now! "1,000 coupons for $0.15/bp Economy Gene Synthesis are giving out from 11/2/2020 from 12/31/2020!" You will receive the synthesized genes harbored in target vectors with 100% sequence accuracy. Get the high quality gene synthesis at affordable cost, with all sequences accepted. It’s ONLY at GenScript!

Economy Gene Synthesis Upgrade

Low-cost custom gene synthesis

Custom gene synthesis as low as $0.19/bp with no minimum order size

Over 150 IP free expression vectors

The largest collection of commonly used vectors for free

Comprehensive downstream services

Including custom cloning, mutagenesis and plasmid preparation services

Optimized sequence difficulty screening

Capable to handle difficult genes

Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion is valid for North America and EU countries.
  • Each customer can only receive one coupon.
  • Each coupon can be used for only one time.
  • The discount price is only for genes less than 5 kb in length.
  • The coupon can be automatically applied when the gene sequences are qualified without complexities.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion or special pricing agreement.
  • The coupon will be expired by 01/31/2021.
  • The coupon is only applied to the service with the catalog number SC1645.
  • Free vectors and the vectors previously archived ONLY.