At GenScript, our custom ELISA kit generation service specifically develops kits that enable the reliable detection and quantitation of your unique antigen. Each kit undergoes extensive assay development and validation to ensure its sensitivity against your desired target. With our extensive optimization process, rest assured that our high-quality custom ELISA kits will perform in your assays!

Fully Comprehensive Service

Fully Comprehensive Service

Milestones encompass antigen design, custom antibody generation, ELISA kit optimization & production

Unrivaled Experience

Unrivaled Experience

Our award-winning custom antibody services use ELISA as a key validation step

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Complex Kit Generation

Services available for specialized ELISA kit formats (PK, ADA, & HCP)

ELISA Kit Formats

Standard ELISA Kits
Specialized ELISA Kits

ELISA Kit Generation Service Milestones

ELISA Kit Generation Service Milestones

Case Studies

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