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Catalog Products » Molecular Biology Reagents » PCR Reagents » dNTP mixture, 10 mM each

dNTP mixture, 10 mM each

10 mM dNTP Mix is suitable for use in PCR, sequencing, nick translation, fill-ins, cDNA synthesis, TdT tailing reactions, and the dilution of radiolabeled dNTPs. These nucleotides are supplied as convenient, ready-to-use solutions in sterilized water. The 10 mM dNTP Mix contains all four dNTPs, each at a final concentration of 10 mM.

QC By HPLC, purity >99.0%. Guaranteed to be free of nuclease (DNase,RNase) and phosphateases activity.

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Cat. No. D0056
Size Price
0.5 ml $29.00